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Moving into New Territories

Two interesting things happen astrologically this week, two planets move into the signs of their debilitation/fall.  Bear in mind that I am using the sidereal or Vedic zodiac, so my information may seem to differ from other...

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Astrology of Mars

The Meaning of Mars in Astrology Mars, as a more muted star in the night sky, is not as “bright” either in its expressions in our lives every time.  Mars represents the urge to push forward, in some ways similar to the Sun, and...

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The Moon’s Astrological Meaning

The Moon represents much the same as the Sun in our charts, but the emphasis is less dramatic, it is more reflective and responsive, not proactive like the Sun. Like the many phases of the Moon over the course of the month, the Moon’s expression in a person’s life is subject to variation and fluctuation, not quite as constant. The Moon represents us more on a day to day level, our habitual mode of being, subject to a little more idiosyncrasy. It’s our fall back mode.

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