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by | Dec 6, 2010 | Predictions

Amazing Quadruple Conjunction Mid-December 2010

You know sometimes bad things just come together; is it just random chance, or is there some discernable plan to it?  Well all I can say is that this weekend, a number of “bad” planets are literally coming together, crowding out the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth degrees of sidereal Sagittarius on Monday, December 13, 2010.  Call it fickle coincidence, fate, or destiny; there is an identifiable nature to this occurrence.

Surfint the ApocalypseThere is a quadruple conjunction of planets, most of them intense and severe; and one of the planets (Mercury) will also turning stationary retrograde just a few days prior (Dec. 10).  All in all, I would guess we’ll be feeling it and will be appropriately “seized” by the energy of the event, and some people may be losing their heads figuratively during the midst of it.  Some may also lose their heads literally to, or suffer bodily harm.

If you could look at the energy graphically you would see a big spike over this weekend.  I am reminded also of a surfer riding the wave, instead of being smashed by it.  At the crest of the wave all the qualities of balance, audacity, and trust are at their most attenuated.  This “surfer” posture is important at all times anyway, there are moments though when being able to stay above the tumult is a skill that will take you very , very far.

So this weekend if things seem to be going crazy, don’t get swept up into it.  Hysteria is literally a contagious energy that feeds off of itself and causes everyone to go down.  Don’t let that be you though, stay calm and cool and you can make some definite progress in the midst of the tempest.

Not everyone will be experiencing this astrological event as I am describing here of course; some should navigate it fairly uneventfully.

Monday, Dec 6
Actions and intentions today may be blemished by inconsistencies or dishonesties of application.  Energy, will, and physical vitality may be at a mysterious low point; and deceitful or addictive behaviors are energized. Some may find successes in the spiritual or creative sphere. (Sun quintile Neptune)

Tues, Dec 7
Order and methodical calmness should characterize some parts of this day; getting realistic is favored as well as making significant landmarks in progress.  It may seem like things are moving slowly, but issue are being worked out as they go.  (Sun sextile Saturn)

Wed, Dec 8
Emotions will run strong and deep, affecting the dynamics of human interactions.  Reason may be eclipsed by powerful subconscious factors, and obsessive or compulsive tendencies in relationships may be activated.  Love felt today may come less from the heart as it does from a baser desire to “merge”.  (Venus sextile Pluto)

Thurs, Dec 9
No peaking influences

Friday, Dec 10
A powerful weekend commences.  Cordiality should be strong; mental, verbal, and interpersonal affairs should move briskly.  Mercury turns retrograde today; traditionally initiating new endeavors (signing important documents, starting businesses, etc) is to be discouraged during this 20 day retrograde period which ends on Dec 30.  (Mercury stationary retrograde, Mercury sextile Venus)

Sat, Dec 11
Groups of people should be constellating around issues of motivation, initiative, and even warfare.  Sexual dynamics can be set off; anger, frustration, and violence will be subtexts to this whole weekend.  In extreme cases accidents and injury are possible, be careful.  (Mars conjunct North Node)

Sun, Dec 12
No peaking influences

Mon, Dec 13
There is a possibility of violence, injury, and hysteria to be an issue today.  Extremism, fanaticism, and intensity may be brought out in a number of ways in a macrocosmic as well as microcosmic way.  People may take unbecoming advantage of others, and the goals may seem to outweigh the means of arriving at them.  This whole weekend and today may be characterized by a certain frenzied excitement, which hopefully will subside quickly before it incites people to do things with regrettable consequences.  (Mars conjunct Pluto conjunct Mercury)

Curtis Burns

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