Super Moons and Micro Moons

super moon perigee sysygySuper/micro Moons 2016 to 2018

Supermoons are the phenomena where a full or new moon occurs at the point of perigee (closest to Earth), making the Moon appear fuller in the sky.

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Also called perigee-syzygy (“close align”), supermoons are regarded as more powerful lunations and will correspond with increased volatility in human affairs, weather patterns, and earth changes such as volcanoes or earthquakes.

There are also lunations that occur at the point of furthest from the earth (apogee), called micro moons.  This is where the Moon will be seen as smaller than usual, with potentially of unique effects also.  Technically a micro moon would be called apogee-szyygy.

Times listed are in GMT, adjust for your time zone.


4/7/2016Super New Moon11:24 AM
5/6/2016Super New Moon7:29 PM
10/16/2016Super Full Moon4:23 AM
11/14/2016Super Full Moon1:52 PM
5/25/2017Super New Moon7:44 PM
6/24/2017Super New Moon2:31 AM
12/3/2017Super Full Moon3:47 PM
1/2/2018Super Full Moon2:24 AM
7/13/2018Super New Moon2:48 AM
8/11/2018Super New Moon9:58 AM
June 9, 2017Micro Full Moon
December 18, 2017Micro New Moon
January 17, 2018Micro New Moon
July 27, 2018Micro Full Moon
February 4, 2009Micro New Moon
September 14, 2019Micro Full Moon

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