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May 14-21, 2007
Most untruths, inaccuracies, or outright errors of perception stem from some ego-fantasy connection in the mind.  One can find acclaim, glory, and a sense of power through the use and abuse of truth; and it is the human ego that simply can’t get enough of acclaim, power, and glory.   As total selflessness is achieved, the needs for such “smaller” goals dwindle and a greater sense of the majesty of the universal can enter in…. 



May 14-21, 2007
As it goes the real “heat” of astrology (sharply aspecting planets) occurs over the coming weekend Saturday and Sunday May 19 and 20.  The friction and unresolved issues implied in the heavens correspond to comings-together of peoples, events, and ideas that manifest on earth.  “As above, so below” is the Hermetic axiom. 

I’ve learned a trick or two about the timing of events; they seem to occur at the most highly problematical of moments.  Thus if you look for the so-called hard aspects (squares, oppositions, conjunctions, semisquares, and sesquiquadrates) you will see the literal joints in time, where things move and change. 

What brings us together are unresolved issues of the past, or karma if you like to keep the spiritual perspective on things.  Behind karma though you can discern the invisible hand of destiny because karma points to something someone was working on but didn’t do it quite correctly and they are now in the process of doing it over again. 

So next time your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/family/spouse tells you you are in the middle of an illusory tempest in a teapot; kindly respond that the tempest may be illusory (and you apologize for that) but that the issues at the core a very real and your words shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed. 

This Sunday (May 20) there is a unique line up of Mercury and Jupiter, two very bright, shining benefics no doubt producing some profitable discussion and creativity; and there will be a strong undercurrent of two big “baddies” Mars and Saturn in minor hard aspect.  Mars and Saturn here could produce an undertone of frustration and anxiety, but which should incite determined proactivity. 

In short, this Sunday could produce a wonderful day of growth and illumination.  At the same time be careful of assuming some things to be true or letting a lot of talk with nice sounding words pass for wisdom.  Or, even letting an underlying sense of frustration or helplessness cause you to take a form of escapism by flying off on half-formed opinions or ill-conceived plans, both of which will inevitably fall through in the course of time. 

The subtleties of egoism can creep into the most sincere of motivations to illumine and teach others.  There are a few things I’ve learned over the course of time and one of them is that truth and reality (the Holy Grail of mindfulness) demand constant diligence and the utmost of conscientiousness exercised nonstop.  It is very east to fall out of alignment with the divine plumb-line of truth-discernment, but the heart as the ultimate distiller of truth become clearer and clearer with each passing day of spiritual striving. 

This is really complex but most untruths, inaccuracies, or outright errors of perception stem from some ego-fantasy connection in the mind.  One can find acclaim, glory, and a sense of power through the use and abuse of truth; and it is the human ego that simply can’t get enough of acclaim, power, and glory.   As total selflessness is achieved, the needs for such “smaller” goals dwindle and a greater sense of the majesty of the universal can enter in. 

This weekend hold the most in store astrologically, with minor configurations (more detail to follow) building up through the week.  This week is a dark (new) moon, symbolically the function of the mind (the Moon) is very weak, or consumed in the greater light of the spirit (the Sun) purged and purified, or dying and reborn for the next lunar cycle to come. 

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Day by Day: 

Mon, May 14
Love as a real thing that creates beauty, or love as a means of semi-blissful escapism could be at issue today.  What seems to real in love may only be the most deceptive of feelings.  Usually what comes on strongly in emotions many times seems to be fueled by unreal expectations.  At the same time problems or inhibitions in communications could propagate unclear or incomplete concepts to others.  Mercury and Saturn aspecting could also encourage some realism of perspective to prevail, if not some healthy skepticism.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Tue, May 15
No peaking influences. 

As the Moon darkens completely and falls into the fiery vortex of the Sun, the light of the mind (the Moon) is symbolically extinguished in the monthly cycle of rebirth; it is considered to be a more quite, contemplative time.  Interestingly, the actual new moon falls in the sign of Taurus but the navamsha of Capricorn; so there is a doubly earthy, practical, materialistic theme occurring at this time.  Early today Mercury and Neptune tridecile, which could mean errors in perception and communication, overlapping psychological agendas conflicting with each other and causing in the main confusion. 

Thur, May 17
Mercury moves into square with the Nodes bringing out unresolved issues with communications.  You may feel more talkative, but the number of words you use doesn’t necessarily mean you are conveying your information accurately.  Many times communications are opaqued by our cluttering issues, fears, and anxieties.  We don’t speak to other people, we speak to our illusions.  We project our issues onto others and every word we use we don’t try to persuade them, we are desparately trying to convince ourselves that we’re right.  It is very rare to see someone actually connect to the soul of someone else.  Again, it is the ego that is the culprit, too important to bother with trying to find out what interests the other person. 

Fri, May 18
Important relationship matters may come out today, especially involving how power is distributed between couples and groups.  Significant turns in relationships are possible.  And yes again, the insufferable ego may be the culprit of trouble again today.  Impulsivity of thought and word may come out, as well as unexpected anger and frustration.  Beware of verbal/intellectual contests, proving only how crude and rude each one can be.  Assertiveness also should be accentuated, both in both for those who need some and those who have too much.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury quintile Mars)

Sat, May 19
The will to effect change, to bring it about dramatically and the achieve a feeling of accomplishment should be very strong.  Too many times a sense of powerlessness seems to fuel an extreme overcompensation of goals and objectives in our lives; and the sense of extremeness only causes further failures down the road.  Finding a steady, balanced firmness of will however will take you places.  So don’t let an underlying sense of inadequacy cause you to act in an over the top manner that can’t be maintained.  For those somewhat beyond that the pain of little parts of you “dying” may be felt in your overall application towards fulfillment and mean.  Yet others may find themselves at the mercy of their more material or bodily desires.  Relationships today also are highlighted, how love brings people together and provides the magic key to open all doors along with lesser loves that open lesser doors.  Later on, the power of words and ideas should be strongly expanded.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Venus square Juno)

Sun, May 20
In the main today's stars are comprehensively covered in this week's overview section to the left. In short though an almost overconfident optimism that could skews and distort perceptions is possible, although no one will be able to deny the infectiousness and excitement that ideas and discussions will bring about today. Underlying things will also be a definite sense of frustration, but which can bring about a determined proactivity.  (Mercury opposite Jupiter, Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Mon, May 21
Impetuosity may be in abundance today, all do, no think.  What is important is not that the facts and figures corroborating action, but that the parties feel justified in the acts.  If you can see yourself as a Jack Bauer, George Clooney, or Sylvester Stallone you don’t need a rationale to shoot guns, punch bad guys, and make pithy, smart comments.  You are a MAN OF ACTION, and that is all the justification you need.  Maybe the world has a few too many swaggering tough guys; today may be a day for them though.  A few crusty authority figures may be targets to.  (Mars tridecile Jupiter, Sun quintile Uranus)


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