A String of Relationship Developments

by | Feb 22, 2010 | Predictions

This week it is hard to pick out any overarcing pattern in the aspects of the planets to each other, and it’s rather quiet astrologically.  There are however a string of relationship configurations drawing us together and stirring the feelings of love or at least attraction.  I’m not saying that an exciting relationship is in store for you this week, but for some people there will definitely be some developments.

The key will be to discern when astrology stirs a temporary and strongly felt love that most likely will pass away soon, or it acts upon a more deeply set “legitimate” relationship situation moving it further along.  A lot of times we look to relationships to compensate for holes in our personal character development, and our minds appropriate the astrology of love for selfish ends.  People fall in love all the time because of this reason, and it seems to work initially; in the end though they come to regret it.

Sometimes love also is connected to attempts to enhance self esteem; that is, if you are attractive, sexy, and to be desired then this somehow validates your existance.  Yet it’s all beased on an underlying lack of confidence.  Astrology like this brings out our propensity to want to be desired, or our vulnerability to want to appropriate other’s attractiveness which is somehow lacking internally.  You can’t force the issue, but the lower mind can certainly try.

Day by day readings, with results added through the week:

Sun, Feb 21
Obstacles and delays may attempt to steal our happiness today, but we should learn to appreciate the wonderous way the Universe presents to us areas that need to be adjusted.  Instead of despair, replacing it with a determined intent to change those vulnerabilities in our lives should bring about renewed serenity.  However ardor and passion to take bold steps will be amplified as well, so it may be difficult not to be dramatic in what we do.  This could be a key day to inaugurate change in our lives.  Early on intellectual, creative, and persuasive avenues will be favored as well; be careful of promising too much, assuming things to be true when they actually aren’t, and all sorts of prideful, egotistic , grandiose proclamations.  (Sun quincunx Saturn, Mars biquintile Jupiter, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Mon, Feb 22
A pessimistic, dark kind of influence may come over the mind that could tend to inhibit action or resolve; communications could be halted or made difficult, however a strong sense of realism, practicality, and shrewdness will be accessible as well.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

  • Texas church fire suspects appear in court and terror suspect Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty to conspiring to detonate explosives in the United States. These are both sobering and self-damning events or statements by these individuals with Mercury and Saturn aspecting today.  News Story and News Story

Tues, Feb 23
Relationships are highlighted, important connections, and the deep energies that they may arouse.  At times thought and actions may border on obsessive or compulsive.  Significant turns of fate may occur today.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun aspects Nodes)

Wed, Feb 24
Carrying over from yesterday strong relationship emotions and desires will come out, be careful though that strong feelings eclipse a normal sense of perspective.  Strong feelings do not de facto indicate a real relationship.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus quintile Pluto)

  • Killer whale attacks and kills trainer at Sea World in Orlando, FL; this is a little bit of a stretch but it could be seen as an extreme example of a Venus-Mars-Pluto configuration: the killer instinct comes out in a normally amiable situation.  News Story

Thurs, Feb 25
Motivation, connections, and making things happen are today’s issues.  Tact, diplomacy, or patience may be in short supply; however action does not always trump thinking things over.  Sometimes people act impulsively and end up quite foolish and more embroiled in trouble than ever.  Be careful of injuries, cuts, burns, and conflicts; mechanical and electronic matters may be vulnerable as well.  (Mars square Juno, Sun biquintile Mars)

  • Democrats and Republicans in Washington, DC faced off in an attempt at bipartisan cooperation of health care reform, neither side seeming to budge.  News Story

Fri, Feb 26
No peaking influences

Sat, Feb 27
Mental perspective may be difficult today, especially overcoming tendencies to be pessimistic, deluded, depressed, or disillusioned.  It may be easy to see the worst in things, but remember that it is a passing influence strongly affecting your mind.  There could be a serious tone, and the tendency to censor self or others will be prominent.  A few people may be find realism and practicality to their thinking, discriminative faculties sharpened, and the ability to communicate concisely.  However a lot of biases based on psychological predispositions are indicated as well, wanting to see what we would fancy things to be instead of what’s really there.  (Mercury conjunct Neptune, biquintile Saturn)

  • Marie Osmond’s 18 year old son tragically commits suicide, who dealt with depression issues.
  • The world watches in anticipation for tsunamis from the 8.8 Chilean earthquake, happily not much occurs as far as tsunamis; however, Chile itself reels from the after effects of the very strong earth quake.

Sun, Feb 28
Sometimes we take the high road to avoid the low road; we like to live in a world of glorious hyperbole attempting to compensate for an underlying feeling of inadequacy or deficiency.  We promise the world, but soon enough our enthusiasm become spent and not much changes as a net result.  Be aware of sincere hypocrites and other oxy-morons.  Relationships may take foul turns, as everybody demonizes each other.  Trouble is that we point the finger of shame in relationships literally or not, but maybe the other person brings up a very relevant point.  Like they say point at me, three fingers are pointing back at you.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Juno quincunx Saturn)

Mon, Mar 1
There may be moments of hysteria, shock, and alarm; for others it may be a situation where urgency of though and action is required.  This may be a good day to acquire a good amount of self-assertive esteem quickly.  Venus enters the sidereal sign of its exaltation Pisces today; there may be an observable shift in relationships.  (Mercury quincunx Mars, Venus enters sidereal Pisces)

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