July 31 to Aug 7, 2007
….The planet activates hidden, usually unacknowledged parts of our psyche.  Many times those hidden parts activated lie like sleeping dragons inside the labyrinth of our subconscious mind.  But a dragon is power, practiced “dragon-tamers” (yogis and ascetics) should be able to successfully and correctly harness their miraculous power.  Yogis and ascetics have much less ego hanging about which the dragons can get their claws into….



July 31 to Aug 7, 2007 Overview:

This week Pluto gets many hits from other planets, proving it could be another exciting week with many developments.  Tuesday hold the potential for some turbulence.  Then early next week a real big and actually positive astrological event happens. 

As with Pluto it is not some much fear of things that seem beyond our control as with Saturn (which makes a square to Mars Tuesday, the 31st); but rather the outermost planet activates hidden, usually unacknowledged parts of our psyche.  Many times those hidden parts activated lie like sleeping dragons inside the labyrinth of our subconscious mind. 


A dragon is not necessarily frightening; it can be alluring, dazzling, and utterly fascinating.  A dragon is also connected to the serpentine, coiled energy from the base of the spine charka (energy center) called in yoga kundalini. 

But a dragon is power, and a force which in the past has been connected to misuses and corruption.  So as sleeping dragons stir in our individual and collective psyche it is best not to become unduly entranced by their energy and let loose their uncontrolled raw power to do mischief to the world around us. 

Practiced “dragon-tamers” however (yogis and ascetics) should be able to successfully and correctly harness their miraculous power.  Yogis and ascetics have much less ego hanging about which the dragons can get their claws into.  For an interesting imagery of dragons you could watch Myosaki’s Spirited Away movie.  (I have become quite the fan of Japanese anime in getting movies to watch with my son.) 

Then, as the week progresses on that big bright star in the sky called Jupiter, turns back to direct motion once again.  Periodically with the orbital paths of the planets, they appear to stop and move in the opposite direction temporarily; not actually of course.  But the symbolism to the psyche is plain enough; it calls up the thought of “looking back”, review, and regression, all of which are not necessarily bad things to do. 

As we look back however an increase subjective-ness of the mind takes greater precedence and therefore we become more prone to errors of thinking and consequent misfortunes.  But as the planets (which Jupiter is now doing) stop their backward direction and resume apparent forward motion, things have a greater tendency to go smoothly and well. 

Jupiter is the Roman name of the Greek Zeus, the Hurler of Thunderbolts, a sort of arrogant character who dished out edicts and judgments with godly aplomb.  So typically people with Jupiter prominent in their charts can have a tendency not to trifle with details but only want to be involved in the big picture.  They are nice enough, but underneath lies just a little bit of hubris. 


Therefore on Monday, Aug 6, as Jupiter stops dead and reverts to normal forward motion.  Don’t be surprise dif an excess of energy enters the mind causing it to be invigorated by all types of half-thought-out scenarios.  What people strongly become inspired by may not be entirely valid or true, they may just love the sensation and it is a convenient escape from other less-pretty situations they may find themselves karmically bemired in. 

It is always interesting to see how the players on our particular stage (usually on our TV screen) act out during these times, or how they presume to think that they can rule the world. 

I should not neglect to mention Jupiter’s spirituality-producing proclivities.  Greater high-mindedness and an understanding of the vastness of things will be enhanced as well.  Jupiter also loves ceremony and ostentation, expanding our appreciation of life’s greatness.  Jupiter is the greatest giver of all the planets, for in him there is no lack or smallness.  Jupiter embodies the infinite abundance of the universe, a world model framed in the mind of the Divine. 

In the astrological scheme of things Jupiter rule the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius, embodying their otherworldliness and zeal for truth respectively.  Jupiter also is exalted in the sign of Cancer, embodying its great warmth and generosity.  All of these qualities, both the good and bad around the first week of August 2007 should be emphasized. 
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Mon, Jul 30
Powerful, dynamic forces may be unleashed which could result in accidents and injuries.  Nevertheless it is a day to act, rather than contemplate things.  Relationships should figure in as well.  Sometimes in relationships we can act quite insensitively and/or abusively.  Be careful of misquoted or misunderstood facts and detail.   (Sun quintile Mars quintile Juno, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Tue, Jul 31
Frustrations and friction (not all emotional) are in the stars today.  Friction is when two hard surfaces occupy the same space but are going in different directions, sort of like the gears in a machine.  Without machines however man wouldn’t have done all his great things, he harnessed power and energy (Mars) through frameworks of wood and steel (Saturn).  He took dominion over the whole earth and raised his castles.  While what man has wrought will inevitably come down, more than his ego, his creations are a testament to the glory of his mind with which he exercised his prerogative.  (Mars square Saturn)

Wed, Aug 1
Blending in from yesterday’s arduous exertions comes now the unknown depth of your motivations (Pluto) spurring your efforts (Mars) to prove yourself.  What makes us do the things we do eventually has to be reckoned with.  So as strange or frightening things may come up out of us that are unkind, remember that it’s time to come clean on our sins of the past and consciously dissociate from them.  In other matters, the power of the mind, speech, and discussion should be amplified, which can be profitably directed.  (Mars quincunx Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thur, Aug 2
Optimism should be high, audacity possibly as well.  What may be reckless pride to some, may be exuberant ongoing-ness to others.  The powers of the mind, voice, and intellect should be deepened, giving light to heretofore-mysterious issues.  (Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Fri, Aug 3
Early on US time the ability to express yourself should be sharpened and animated.  If you need more of feeling good while you talk and communicate, this is your day.  (Mercury sextile Mars)

Sat, Aug 4
Unusual and unexpected developments may occur, and with many layers of meaning to consider.  Be careful about people or things deciding to go boom or otherwise disrupt the status quo of the scene.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, biquintile Uranus)

Sun Aug 5
The penetrative, ruthless power of the mind is enhanced today, so be careful of what you do or say.  Obsessions and compulsions may surge seemingly without warning, which may cause subconscious agendas that we carry around to prevail (which may not be our conscious desire).  Jupiter turning direct tomorrow should start manifesting itself already.  Read the overview for more details.  (Mercury biquintile Pluto)

Mon, Aug 6
Eclipsing all other considerations today is Jupiter turning direct.  The potential for increased spirituality should be strong, and a sense of zeal and enthusiasm should be tangibly present. Other aspects from planets today should elevate the possibilities for excitement but also stability of mind that can be focused on important goals.  Relationships could offer intriguing, but unrealistic benefits; people could be inspired to pursue them as a means of escapism.  (Jupiter stationary direct, Saturn trine Pluto, Juno trine Neptune, Mars quintile Uranus)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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