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by | Apr 29, 2012 | Miscellaneous

Curtis Burns has been a practitioner of astrology since 1988.  His areas of specialty are Natal Character Analysis, Forecasting, and Relationship Analysis; he also studies very intently geo-political and economic cycles and their astrological correlations.

Curtis BurnsCurtis has studied and researched many different schools of astrology including Ancient Greek and Medieval Astrology, Chinese, Vedic, Modern Western, and such astrological schools as Cosmobiology.

Curtis uses an eclectic blend of Ancient Vedic and Modern Western Astrology in his work.

His philosophy of interpretation is that all astrological configurations originate from the Grand Design of the Creator to exalt the character and soul of the individual; and it is through these configurations that individuals will find the fullness of abundant  health, wealth, happiness, and love.

Curtis’s (KOF) interests are in the practical aspects of bringing in a New Age, being a parent, martial arts, creating thriving businesses, art, music, literature; and, of course, astrology.

Curtis lives in St. Paul, MN, USA, and can be reached by email at:“>
or by phone at:
651-274-5318 (Central Time)
evenings the best time to reach in person.

Curtis’ personal Facebook page is