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April 2-9, 2007
The "cowboy diplomacy" of the guys in the white hats and the star spangled banner waving may be very prevalent, not exactly making a lot of sense but it sounds stirring.  I believe the real shock and terror is more likely to occur around….


April 2-9, 2007
There is talk from somewhat reliable sources of a planned US/Israeli attack on Iran on April 6, 2007.  While preparations seemingly are being made for an immanent attack by the US; it does not necessarily have to occur within this April '07 time frame with all of its appropriate astrology. 

Article 1  Article 2  (Articles with sources cited)

In my checking all current cycles that became my latest comprehensive report entitled "Flashpoints 2007" I saw something happening at this time period in question (April 5-6, my birthday, of all days) but I didn't think it was of the broader war-theme that I was highlighting.  The astrological event happening on April 5, 2007 is the planet Jupiter turning stationary retrograde. 

When Jupiter makes a station usually it corresponds to spiritual or philosophical events such as outspoken leaders making a stand for truth (or what they believe to be truth), and an overall carefree joyousness in the atmosphere.  So I didn't think this date would be significant in terms of events happening at the time. 

I still don't think April 5-6 will amount to much except for the usual Jupiterean gregarious, over-confident bombasticism; which, of course, many political leaders indulge themselves in whenever they can.  Big talk from big egos seeking to compensate for little assets is about what I would expect on a mundane level. 

So therefore the "cowboy diplomacy" of the guys in the white hats and the star spangled banner waving may be very prevalent, not exactly making a lot of sense but it sounds stirring.  I believe the real shock and terror is more likely to occur around April 18-28 with Mars coming around to activate Uranus conjunct the North Node.


As I listen to all the news hounds out there (mainly internet news sources), the consensus is that something is afoot but it probably won't pop until a few weeks or even months from now.  A few weeks of course would fall into my April 18-28 date above.  Yet another carrier group being sent to the Middle East (set to arrive in the third week of April), the escalating British hostage situation, and redeployments along the Iraq/Iran border; these all spell trouble. 

As I said in the beginning, some people are about to have a rude awakening from their slumber; it would seem WWIII is at the door.  The Mars/Uranus/Node/Saturn configuration for April 18-28 has very strong notes of shock and alarm.  Common sense would say that the seeming plans for war to be sprung in Iran is still a ways off.  Astrology however would seem to indicate that something is very near, towards the middle or end of April 2007; it is hard to see anything more portentous for the rest of the year from an astrological standpoint. 

Taking a closer look at the upcoming April 5 station of Jupiter, it can be seen that it will be taking place in the rather vengeful at times sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by reckless Mars.  Mars itself (connected to this configuration by dispositorship) is afflicted in multiple ways by a conjunction of Uranus and the North Node all April, and its dispositor Saturn is afflicted by its position in Leo.  So I can certainly see a less-pretty manifestation of Jupiter’s station with a lot of arrogance, posturing, and ill judgment. 

The only other configuration of note in the next year or so is the December 2007 conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in the fiery sign of Sagittarius (sidereal).  Fire signs many times cause turbulence; but I’m sure that I will have plenty more opportunity to write about that in the coming months.  . 

If the powers that be have astrologers behind closed doors giving out timetables for action, they would seem to be moving things along right now, knowing that the stars of calamity are above us. 

It was with almost clock-like precision that the current British hostage crisis emerged just as Mars with in conjunction with Neptune, denoting deceptive and deceitful actions.  If fact the US and Britain has been holding covert ops against Iran for many months now, and have had a hand in trying to destabilize Iran for a long time.  Belligerent Iran, of course, is not helping the situation very much.  Maybe just there are a bunch of principles on both sides that want a war, because war seems to be the ultimate test of manhood of a nation.

Wed, Apr 4
What is true that speaks to your heart may be at question; especially with so many things seemingly so beautiful in regards to relationships, but which may well end in disappointment.  Ethics and appropriateness in actions may be at question today; nevertheless you should find a tremendous amount of energy with which you can dig deep with.  (Venus square Neptune, Mars sextile Pluto)

Thur, Apr 5
Be sure to wish your fave astrologer happy birthday today; his upcoming year may have a lot of interesting turns and developments.  Spiritual opportunities should be high, and good luck will abound.  Be careful though about assuming things rather than verifying them.  What is so for Curtis this whole year should be so for you at least for a couple days.  Very strong and powerful love energies should come out, leading to interesting developments themselves certainly for self-understanding.  (Jupiter stationary retrograde, Venus biquintile Pluto) 

Fri, Apr 6
The feeling of power, control, and the ability to influence others should be very strong; the ethics thereof could be questionable.  Breakdowns as well as breakthroughs are possible.  The ability to penetrate mysteries and bring about profound change will be enhanced.  (Sun tridecile Pluto)

work in progress, day by day info to come……


Mercury, God of Thieves

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