Astrology the Week of August 30, 2010: Venus and Mars Enter Sidereal Libra

A few patterns of note week astrologically are the entry of two planets into the sidereal sign of Libra, Venus and Mars.  Venus is in its own sign in Libra, hence well-expressive of love for all.  Mars however is in debilitation in Libra.  Mars is a “me, me” planet and Libra is a sign signifying harmonious sharing; so Mars in Libra is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

The effects of Mars in Libra could be an emphasis in reconciling differences in relationships, and learning to smooth over quickly erupting offenses in those relationships.  Venus and Mars will be conjunct all during this time, so relationships may be a strong issue through September and the first half of October 2010.

The image below shows Venus and Mars around the first week of October 2010, when Mars has just overtaken Venus and Venus is about to turn retrograde. Come to think of it, Mars “overtaking” Venus sounds a little impassioned; don’t you think?

October 2010 Venus and Mars Conjunction Sidereal Libra

During the first few days of October, Mars will overtake and pass up Venus because Venus will be slowing down for a station which will occur on October 7th.  So love, passion, and some other things will be in the forefront during the first week of October.  By “a few other things” I reserve that right to be vague because Venus has a habit of producing some strange and sometimes negative things; I’ve even observed intense weather manifestations under a Venus transit.

I also note with a little more significance potential threats on the world scene with cataclysmic manifestations of the elements, or even alarming developments in the Persian Gulf area with the US, Israel, and Iran bringing us closer to a new war situation.  It’s the big bully coming up to the little kid, but this kid is no pushover.  The Obama administration, possibly feeling pressed to do something dramatic so close to the mid-term elections, may take a provocative action.

My gut at the moment of this writing (August 30, 2010) tells me neither side ultimately has the will to do this, with the consequences that inevitably will follow.  For all the tough talk of the White House over Iran over the last few years, they may not have the guts to pull the trigger.  I certainly hope not.  If Obama as the commander in chief does indeed give the word, there will be irreversable effects on the global economy, the Middle East, the entire Islamic world, and western nations this side of NATO in general.  Ready for $6-8 a gallon gasoline?

Mars also will be entering the sign of Libra, which is not its best place to be; it is more in harmony with fiery, zealous, and intense signs such as Leo, Aries, and Scorpio.  In Libra Mars has to be more considerate of the effects on other people, and learn to be far subtler than it normally is.  Mars in its debilitation however is not good for diplomacy, or even wanting to be diplomatic; so it is not good for the climate of peace.  Hopefully the station of Pluto on Sept 13-14, 2010 will have already brought out any built up energy, and in as constructive of a manner as possible.

I’ve been speaking for over a year now about this very time we are in, that it seems to be the astrological critical zone of simmering contention. One of the main peaks was in early August, and now we have the upcoming Pluto station in mid-September, and then one final peak in the early days of January 2011 with a very powerful eclipse.  Keep your fingers crossed and your hands together at whatver altar you worship at to keep things on an even keel for the rest of the year and beyond.

Then of course keep praying, because we all have a long, long way to go yet.

Mon, Aug 30
Penetrative analysis will be strong today, as will be the voice and the intent behind actions.  Be careful with what you say today, it can have a tremendously profound impact on others.  Psychological or detective work should be rewarding, mysteries can be solved and well as new one comes to light.  In others the tendency to act or think compulsively or obsessively will be triggered; sexual matters may be stimulated, or possibly anything inappropriately tempting.  Venus enters sidereal Libra portending positive developments in relationships and in people getting along, but with Mars entering the sign also this week there is more info about this below.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto, Venus enters sidereal Libra)

Tues, Aug 31
Energy and motivation to get ahead shifts into overdrive be careful about pushing the envelope and hurting others or your reputation.  Be careful about overdoing it and causing physical damage through zeal of application.  Intense emotions, obsessions, and compulsive tendencies are brought out; be careful about putting yourself into potentially dangerous situations.  (Mars quintile Pluto)

Wed, Sept 1
No peaking influences

Thurs, Sept 2
No peaking influences

Friday, Sept 3
Relationships and cordiality are emphasized with the Sun, Mercury and Venus aspecting each other.  Mars moves into the sidereal sign of its debilitation, Libra; therefore sometime today a shift might be felt with motivations, relationships, and being able to get along.  Until about Oct 17, Mars will be in sidereal Libra possibly providing a background inhibition on correct actions.

Sat, Sept 4
That which attracts us to others may be over colored by our expectations, hopes, and dreams; i.e. what we see in others may merely be a reflected chimera; which may bring disappointment down the road.  Nevertheless romance will be powerful and uplifting; love may be able to heal rifts heretofore insoluble.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sun, Sept 5
Urgency and/or hysteria may mark moments of this day; possibly providing an opportunity to gain assertive skills in a trial-by-fire manner.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Mon, Sept 6
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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