Astrology for the Week of April 11, 2011; Mars Opposite Saturn

This week has Mars/Saturn themes that occur twice, on Wednesday the 13th and then Monday the 18th.  Mars and Saturn are an interestng combination astrologically, they can result in accidents and injures (specifically of the bones, joints, tendons, and muscles) but they can also bring about feats of strength and herculean accomplishment, if they can manage to work together.

Many times major aspects between malefic planets (such Mars and Saturn here) will contribute to situations of intense frustration and anxiety.

For instance, one comes up to a situation where they are prevented from following through on their intentions, it touches off fears of powerlessness in them; to which they may respond with an overcompensating attack on the problem, which many times will leave more problems in its wake.

It can also register as a suppression of desires and actions in the individual, causing a paralysis or hesitation, which causes the energy to become trapped within, and then come out in strange, strident or injurious ways later on; or they may develop a habit of being bossy, demanding, or impatient. 

Unresolved psychological issues may manifest this week as tensions in the muscular-skeletal system, making us stiff in our actions and reactions, so a little love can go a long way to help smooth out the kinks in our lives.

Monday, April 11
Actions may push the envelope in many ways and tact or consideration of others may be the least thing on anyone’s mind.  Be careful of pushing yourself to the point of breakdown.  Many good things may be possible still if a positive focus and confidence in good outcomes are sustained.  Discussions, investigations, and intellectual processes are favored.  (Mars square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Tues, April 12
Relationship dynamics may be very intense, feelings may temporarily overwhelm other considerations, causing people to “go off the deep end” prematurely.  Emotions in general could be very deep and potentially breakthrough-making, but also vulnerable to less-noble manipulation. (Venus quintile Pluto)

Wed, April 13
There may be a subtext of frustration and anger that could magnetize misfortunes into our lives.  More than a little patience may be demanded of us today, as well as focused determined action.  (Mars contraparallel Saturn)

Thurs, April 14
Today Venus enters the sidereal sign of its exaltation, Pisces; which should be good for relationships, creativity, and spirituality while it travels through that sign, but certainly felt as a shift today.

Friday, April 15
Interesting day with the potential for the abuse of power and misrepresentation of the truth with today’s configurations.  Be careful what you accept to be the truth at the most subtle levels, and beware of the eclipsing power of the ego to interfere with the normal governance of affairs. Check and double check facts and figures.  Be careful of situations that have the potential of blowing up or breaking down, and because treading through danger zones (such as war zones, etc.)  (Sun tridecile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Saturday, April 16
Relationship matters, discussions and persuasion are favored.  Be careful of errors born of haste or convenience, and/or inappropriate passion.  (Venus contraparallel Mars, Mercury parallel Jupiter)

Sunday, April 17
No peaking influences

Monday, April 18
Delays and their frustrations may be keenly experienced, but certainly overcome through resolved and focused action, resulting in a greater experience in triumph and exhilaration in the end.  Relationships may experience the strain as well.  (Mars opposite Saturn, Venus parallel Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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