Shock and Awe

by | Sep 13, 2011 | Predictions

This week Pluto turns stationary direct on September 16, 2011.  One notable occurrence on a Pluto station was the Iraq invasion of spring 2003, “shock and awe” kicking off our current adventure in the Middle East which we are still involved in, now moving on to Pakistan, Somalia, and possibly Syria and who knows what else.

The point is that Pluto delivers a tremendous emotional impact, which many coincides with major life-shifts.  Not every time of course, but Pluto events seem to coincide with dramatic life-events.  Most of the time however Pluto creates great emotional depth, which incites personal change.

However, we could see developments in Libya during this time, major fluctuations in the world stock markets leading to new laws or government actions, and we could even see developments with nuclear power a la Fukushima and other reactor locations in trouble.  We may even see earth changes, the key is the shock and impact on our psyches produced.

Tuesday, Sept 13
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Sept 14
Early on, relationship developments may occur, but the feelings attached may be more hopeful than realistic, therefore subject to disappointment later on.  Later, discussions will be favored with maybe some hyperbole and seemingly innocent exaggeration.  (Venus quincunx Neptune, Mercury trine Jupiter)

Thursday, Sept 15
The Sun enters the sidereal sign of Virgo today, a definite shift may be felt by everyone as the Sun enters a new (sidereal) house in their chart.

Friday, Sept 16
Events and situations with great depth of emotional reaction may be experienced today, extremes of fluctuations may come about.  In some cases, the bottom will fall out.  Be careful about being in high-risk zones physically, as the potential for the worst to occur is heightened.  Breakthroughs are just a likely as breakdowns.  Later on, an element of alarm, hysteria, or great urgency may be added to the energy of the day.  (Pluto stationary direct, Mercury semisquare Mars)

Saturday, Sept 17
Quite an interesting day is possible with a lot going on astrologically.  Peaking early on (almost late Friday evening) energy, motivations, and intentions may misfire or just go awry.  Be wary of deceptive or deceitful tendencies on the part of others or you; addictive behaviors are touched off.  Significant relationship developments may occur, seemingly taking things on a more exciting and happy track.  Issues of commitment and longevity may come up in relationships.  (Mars quincunx Neptune, Venus opposite Uranus, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus biquintile Jupiter, Juno conjunct Saturn)

Sunday, Sept 18
Powerful, unusual, and very beguiling emotional dynamics may be in force; playing with, but ultimately leaving us high and dry.  It would be good to be cognizant of possible subconscious agendas going on in your relationships now; or, how an intense feeling experienced may somehow try to be substituted by someone for real love.  Obsessive and compulsive behaviors are triggered.  (Venus square Pluto, Venus biquintile Neptune, Mercury tridecile Pluto)

Monday, Sept 19
No peaking influences, however there may be echoes of the previous days’ relationship developments due to Mercury and Venus making aspects to the Nodes, which are not actual planets.

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