Sept 4-11: Eclipse Tune-Ups and Murky Machinations

by | Sep 3, 2006 | Predictions

OVERVIEW: Eclipse Tune-Ups and Murky Machinations
It would not be a stretch to anticipate some unnerving, and out of the norm spaciness of conscious this week, especially around Thursday, Sept 7 with an eclipse of the Moon.  The physical orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up quite tightly now.  Gravitational, magnetic, and electrical forces will line up in a more than usual manner; and our little physical bodies floating around in this pond-like solar system are probably going to be stimulated quite powerfully. 

Since the Sun, Moon, and Earth represent the spirit, mind, and the body respectively; maybe we can look at this as the periodic “tune up” that the universe put us through.  In fact about every six months this will happen (eclipses); whenever the Sun and Moon conjunct or oppose each other in the same sign as the transiting Nodes. 

Apparent and Actual

Figuratively and literally the light of each luminary “winks out” temporarily; but this is apparently so but not actually so.  Just as with our lives the connection we have to our spirits, minds, and bodies seems to temporarily shut off at times, but not actually so because we would then be very dead. 

In an actual sense the basic energies of our lives are being reshuffled and realigned, and the higher forces that intervene to do that quite simply are beyond our comprehension.  What we can perceive of these forces we imperfectly see them as crisis, evil, or disturbing. 

Basically, what may seem to be a bad thing happening during an eclipse could actually be a very good thing on a higher level.  We just don’t have the higher dimensional logic to peacefully understand it all.  When you get a chiropractic or acupuncture treatment we usually feel quite “out of it”, but we are assured it is simply the body making an adjustment to new influx of energy.  Think of eclipses the same way. 

Along with last week’s exact opposition of Saturn and Neptune (still very powerfully with us), some of the unease, background anxiety, or stress from last week could continue.  This particular eclipse this week also will be in close aspect to Uranus, so the feeling of need to make a break from restrictions of the past will be quite strong.  

World Events

Astute political operatives always have their finger on the pulse of the people and act at the proper moments to move things along on a societal level to bring about hopefully enlightened change.  Other times they can manipulate these times to their own ends.  Lenin (with a little help from western financiers) took advantage of political and social unrest in Russia and brought about the Bolshevik Revolution.  Mao did the same in China, as did Castro and the Ayatollahs in Iran in the 80’s. 

Events and situation like above could occur now, or at least their antecedents.  Uranus also will stimulate innovation in scientific and technical sphere, which has potential beneficial effects on society; it can also stir modern day Thomas Jeffersons to make everybody remember their basic rights as inhabitants on God’s green earth, and that tyranny cannot be long tolerated in any guise. 

9-11 Developments

The five-year anniversary of 9-11 occurs on Monday next week; as it does, Mars and Neptune will align in the sky.  It would not be out of the realm of possibility of some incendiary event, from whatever murky circumstances, to impact the world consciousness.  The contribution of Neptune here means things may not be what they would seem to be and/or such actions are moral since the end justifies the means. 

If we want to talk about so-called false flag events (done by one governmental entity under the appearance of another government’s hand), chemical-biological misfortunes, or wars brought about by unclear or deceptive pretexts; then those things are astrologically more likely right on 9-11-2006.  Again the eclipse of this week corroborates the idea of portentous happenings at this time.  As I try to say all the time, WWIII is probably not eminent; but astrology like this brings us closer and closer to those very things providing other facts are in agreement. 

I should probably start a page on my website called “government actions taken on certain days with Neptunian astrology that have been proven to be lies, deceptions, and highly dangerous.”  Would you go to it? 

Mon, Sept 4
Pluto is a very quiet influence, until it strikes seemingly without mercy.  It may be quiet for you, but you may hear about someone on the other side of the world whose life has suddenly not become so quiet for any number of reasons.  One can be assured though that what seems now powerful and strong is actually weak and cowardly.  In the end people always reveal themselves for what they are.  As Jesus said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.”  The outer senses finally come to the same conclusions our intuition told us in the first place.  On the high end of things; it is Pluto’s job to wake up those too dense in the head to understand things any other way.  Eventually mercy becomes not the solution to matters and karma comes knocking on the door; rudely at that.  Is all lost?  Has the world gone down the tubes?  No, hope is eternal; but time is running out.  Hurry up; get your life in order.  Sorry, doomsday-mongers (you know who); take your apocalypse-fascination somewhere else.  (Pluto stationary direct)

Tue, Sept 5
The urge to break with established tradition will be very strong today, a few brave one’s will make it happen.  Tradition here can be the stifling control of parental-like authority figures who’s time has come and gone; all the way to established traditions with how we get out of bed in the morning and live our lives.  Overly rigidified control structures (perhaps born of anxiety in the psyche of those who put them in place) may not do so well today; a few cracks in the façade may appear.  New innovative solutions may suddenly appear in the mind, especially for those who are prepared.  Later, deception and self-deception is possible.  Be careful not to see only what you want to see in any given situation, especially critical ones.  Checking and double-checking facts and figures will be important today.  Since the mind tends to be somewhat more subjective today; creative and inspirational work will be favored, but again let such creativity be not merely wishful or half-baked fantasies.  (Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury quincunx Neptune)

Wed, Sept 6
Double hits on Jupiter today can mean an exciting day.  Since Jupiter expands whatever it connects with; its contacts to Mars and the Sun today should amplify their ardor, propensity to take action, and tendency to inflame situations.  Since Jupiter also is not prone to examine all the little details of situations be careful of acting without properly taking into account all contingencies and outcomes.  Pride and impetuosity could be expanded as well; which means that sometime down the road that inflated ego is going to need to eat some humble pie.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, Mars semisquare Jupiter)

Today in some parts of the world the brilliance of the normally bright full moon will be blocked by the very shadow the earth.  As outlined in the overview above, eclipses have a destabilizing, slightly-vertigo encouraging influence.  They are also like spiritual-seeding experiences; infusing initially strange, but soul enhancing energies.  Today might just be a day to rest, meditate (don’t try to figure everything out), and commune with the heart of the universe.  Mundane affairs could be afflicted by unusual or confusing influences. 

Fri, Sept 8
Unusual and/or less-intimate, more friendly relationships are favored.  People may be coming together with the purpose of social reform or other altruistic experiences.  Relationships not as a vehicle for ego-adornment, fantasies for self-fulfillment, or to vicariously compensate for the illusion of lack of love in the heart; but rather how relationships connect one with the whole of mankind and its purposes are favored.  Earlier in the day in European time zones, however, the more passionate and spiritual aspects of relationships will be emphasized; be careful of investing yourself too much into relationships only to find later it was not what you really wanted.  (Uranus opposite Juno, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Sat, Sept 9
Over the next two days Mercury will be in very tight aspect to Pluto and the Nodes.  This means intellectual and communicative power will become deeply enhanced, but it will be important to use this increased power ethically as the temptation to use it ruthlessly to one’s own ends will be strong.  Speakers, orator, writers, and those who work with facts, and figures will be strongly influenced.  The misuse of such faculties at this time would be the loss of those abilities in the future, or the decrease in one’s access to.  Such times are for deep introspection, solving of mysteries, and viscerally experiencing the occult power of the universe; but not for one’s personal gain.  (Mercury square Pluto, conjunct South Node)

Sun, Sept 10
Physical vitality may be at low ebb, energy levels of the mind concurrently may be low.  The tendency to see the hopelessness of things is accentuated.  Bear in mind though that in a universe of vibrant purpose and abundant grace; the idea of “hopelessness” is a total self-delusion having no basis in truth.   However entertaining the idea of hopelessness can be very useful for those who don’t want to do anything, or don’t seem to hold themselves in very high regard.  The weight of the illusions of life that prevent us from manifesting our power may be quite heavy today.  So for those endeavoring to improve their lots, make things happen, or to find their true selves; do not be deterred by temporary negative influences that seem to sap our strength.  Abundant vitality will soon return.  Sometimes under these influences people can feel they somehow have the special blessing of God on their affairs; sometimes that can be a convenient self-delusion as well.  In other areas, the emotional responses in relationships will be very strong and very moving; be sure however not to let emotional dynamics pull away from your true priorities.  The urge to “merge” will be very strong.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Mon, Sept 11
The aspect of Mars to Neptune on the five-year anniversary of 9-11 could spell some funny stuff going on, a little bit too much license taken in what this unhappy occurrence warrants.  In other areas physical vitality could be down, allergies and other physical sensitivities could be activated, and aberrant or deceptive behavior could be triggered.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune)


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