Mon, Sept 29
Vitality and the will may be afflicted by internal psychological blockages, tendencies for deceitful/co-dependent behaviors will be highlighted, such as lying.  Substance abuse patterns may come out. In other areas, creative/spiritual matters will be highlighted. (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tue, Sept 30
No peaking influences

Wed, Oct 1
Important relationship matters will arise today, possibly regarding the distribution of power in them. Initiative will be thrown into overdrive. (Sun quintile Juno, Mars sextile Pluto)

Thur, Oct 2
No peaking influences

Fri, Oct 3
Captivating relationship situations may arise, but may be deficient in substance ultimately. (Juno sextile Neptune)

Sat, Oct 4
Engaging conversations, investigations, and uses of the mind are possible; compulsions and obsessions to. (Mercury quintile Pluto)

Sun, Oct 5
An undercurrent of frustration may be present in an otherwise cordial day. Bones and muscles maybe vulnerable to injury. (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus sextile Jupiter)

Mon, Oct 6
An abundance of energy and audacity could make this a memorable day, but once out the gate sustaining and directing this intention over the long haul is another matter. Later relationships may cool into workable states. (Sun square Jupiter, Mars quintile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus sextile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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