Mon, Sept 22
Deep, hidden away emotions incite strong physical reactions, especially so in the context of relationships.  (Venus sextile Pluto)

Tues, Sept 23
There could be tension, frustration, and a little hot-headedness; relationships could hit rocky spots.  Pointed, assertive thinking and speaking is possible.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus semisquare Saturn)

Wed, Sept 24
Intellectual/verbal matters will be accentuated; social/cultural situations will be favored.  (Mercury stationary retrograde, Venus quintile Jupiter)

Thur, Sept 25
Important connections between people and groups will become evident; ideas of fate, destiny, and karma will be strong.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Node)

Fri & Sat, Sept 26-27
Late Friday and early Saturday unusual, erratic, or short-lived relationships may ensue; but they may be just too irreconcilable.  (Juno square Uranus)

Sun, Sept 28
Excitement and even hysteria may color this day, making it a little difficult to “think” things through; relationships will be affected as well, and some deep emotions may arise. For those who do think, higher leaps of logic may be possible.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mars biquintile Uranus, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus semisquare Juno

Mon, Sept 29
Vitality and the will may be afflicted by internal psychological blockages, tendencies for deceitful/co-dependent behaviors will be highlighted, such as lying.  Substance abuse patterns may come out. In other areas, creative/spiritual matters will be highlighted. (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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