This week has the potential to stretch and warp your mind in ways you may not have considered before.  The main issues range from hopelessness in life to the thinning of the boundaries of brotherhood.  Spirits, which thrive on good feelings and unceasing streams of love from parents, loved ones, and the angels; may have the distinctly uncomfortable dislodging of their favorite pet pity points. 

Jupiter this week moves exactly perpendicular to Neptune, and the Moon on Friday moves exactly over the Sun blocking it partially from view (a solar eclipse).  Nevertheless, both of these sets of astrological parings are distinctly “mind-warping”.  If you feel a little under the weather, out of sorts, or somewhat of low spirits; don’t blame it all on yourself.  The untimely alignments of the planets are involved as well. 

Many times configurations serve to magnify your personal delusions, emotional hang-ups, and human foibles beyond actual deserving concern.  Humans are an emotional, spasmodic, and incendiary lot of course; those lucky few however with the knowledge of the stars (and this website) will be able to take it all with a “grain of salt” though. 

Eclipses do wreck havoc on our minds and bodies; the action of Jupiter and Neptune can serve to confuse and/or delude your higher sensibilities.  Out of the mix however there certainly will be some spiritual treasures secured, probably hard won though.  Some losses can be considered a small price to pay for wisdom gained. 

In mundane spheres, issues over petroleum, gases, and chemicals may come up; spills, leaks, etc.  On Monday, the 25th all aforementioned subjects may re-flare as the Sun make minor hard aspects to Jupiter and Neptune.  This week people with various perceptual/interfacing problems (like some presidents?) may have some interesting developments towards the middle of the week and then again on Sunday/Monday. 

What is presented as information/truth right now may be highly colored with emotional and moralistic content.  It’s pretty bad of course when the populace have to wander through the fog of pitiful ignorance; worse yet when the leaders/controllers of said populace are just as “lost.”  Just who and what is in control then? 

God is in control some would say, which is always right on some level.  It seems to me though that the proven shrewdness of those who have planned the course of, and literally managed the world to its present position; take note and advantage of these higher cosmic influences and implement them to their agenda.  So who and what is in control?  You are of yourself, especially as you take note of your personal illusions and delusions that come out this week.  A few tears will indeed be a small price to pay for the truth that will set you free. 

Mon, Sept 18
Possibly over the last day or so into tomorrow, the Sun will be conjunct the highly spiritual, but karmic South Node of the Moon, called Ketu.  Ketu is the least understood of the Nodes, probably because it is the most initiatic.  Ketu’s ultimate purpose is to tear you away from attachment to the things of worldly significance, which it seems to do by bringing to the fore of your experience the inherent vanity and emptiness of their allure.  A lot of disappointments, losses, and so-called “misfortunes” occur under Ketu’s influence; its conjunction with the Sun today indicates issues of the ego, the will, and conscious direction in life that need to be purged of pride and other lesser, petty emotions.  This is for the whole world as much as it will be for you.  The cultivation of the attitude of “I am here, but I am only an actor on a stage playing my part” will go a long way to helping you ride out any turbulences coming up.  The play is really only a big illusion; the realities of life however are in my connection to my Source and how that reflects in my interactions with others.  The others of course are really only different facets of the Universal Consciousness that you are One with.  (Sun conjunct South Node)

Tues, Sept 19
Relationships are outstandingly highlighted today.  The feeling of love should burn strong, colored by all the subconscious reasons for people to come together.  Communications and intellectual work should be stimulated as well, and just the same subconscious colorations need to be taken into account.  What seems to be so right may be so only at that point in time, but in retrospect its significance may dwindle.  (Venus conjunct Juno, sextile Jupiter; Mercury quintile Pluto, quincunx Uranus, Venus quincunx Neptune)

Wed, Sept 20
Again relationships are highlighted.  Today however of more problematical or escapist nature.  For some there could be real spiritual help delivered through connections.  (Juno quincunx Neptune)

Thurs, Sept 21
[No Peaking Influences]

As indicated in the overview above, it may be hard to “get a grip” right now.  Sometimes getting a grip may not be what we really need.  Sometimes we need to let go.  All constructs, all conceptual frameworks eventually fall in on themselves to be left only with a distinctly Buddhist “void”.  Embracing the void ahead of time will go a long way today to ride out the ups and downs of human life.  No one or thing can take away the fact that you “are” and you are one with everything else that “is”, it is the only real thing you have as a Buddhist would tell you.  Don’t expect things to go smoothly or as they normally do, a few old patterns and mindsets are getting dissolved.  With the Virgo placement health issues may arise as well as issues of long term diligence, practicality, and administration. 

Sat, Sept 23
This might be a good day to write a poem about your experiences of the past few days J  A few startling and exciting things might emerge.  (Mercury trine Neptune, biquintile Uranus)

Sun, Sept 24
Going to church, or attending a religious or spiritual event could be very rewarding today (as it would this whole week).  You might be feeling strangely out of touch with what you think or prefer to be your regular expression of being.  This may be in part of illusions or concept you held onto for some time, but part of you knew they were false.  Consequently of any unpleasantries coming out today be grateful for the wakeup call.  Be even more grateful that you may see it suddenly in another and not yourself, some of Heaven’s mercy saving you from some painful “come down thud” but take proactive action on yourself nonetheless.  Connections to others may seem exceptionally beautiful and luminous, but be sure that luminosity is actually coming from that other person and not just your own light reflected back.  In other words, don’t get fooled by a deceptive relationship situation.  (Jupiter square Neptune, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Mon, Sept 25
Ouch the hot Sun singes our illusions and delusions maybe causing some pain.  The ill-consequences of being asleep at the wheel may be brought sharply into focus.  Again be grateful for whatever mercy Heaven gives you today, cutting your finger when you karmically deserve to lose it.  The other major area now is love and painful, but beneficial experiences that we have with others.  Don’t give love unless you expect to be somehow hurt.  Pure love inevitably will be stomped on by human insensitivity, derided, and rejected.  Such experiences expand your compassion for others, and purge you of the pollutions of the human ego in regards to your service.  When there is no other alternative except to forgive, then forgiveness grows in you and your soul is awakened.  So-called “pain” may be the only way to reach certain parts of yourself, and people are so afraid of pain, maybe the worst of fears.  As you let go of control and flow through it though its terror is dissolved, and you are somehow renewed, reintegrated, and resurrected to life without end.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, semisquare Jupiter; Venus conjunct South Node, square Pluto; Mercury sextile Saturn)


Mercury, God of Thieves

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