Sept 11-18: As an Actor on a Stage Playing His Part

by | Sep 9, 2006 | Predictions

Mon, Sept 11
The aspect of Mars to Neptune on the five-year anniversary of 9-11 could spell some funny stuff going on, a little bit too much license taken in what this unhappy occurrence warrants.  In other areas physical vitality could be down, allergies and other physical sensitivities could be activated, and aberrant or deceptive behavior could be triggered.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tues, Sept 12
The tendency to bend or stretch truth is more apparent today.  In any event debate, discussion, and various learning opportunities should be quite interesting.  Be careful however of situations that require an accurate assessment of detail, the tendency to fudge or to be overly optimistic is sensitized.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Wed, Sept 13
[No Peaking Influences]

Thurs, Sept 14
Like Tuesday, you need to be careful of perceptions, judgment, and overall discernment.  Today, however the tendency is to lean to the side of the hopeless, the unrealistic fantasies, or situations where you believe that God is speaking to you directly.  God, of course, does speak to you directly; here you may just need to be extra careful of falling into false victimization or martyr scenarios.  Also substances like alcohol, drugs; or such things as physical allergies may interfere with the correct perception of things.  People may be speaking out of “both sides of their mouth “ as well, including leaders.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Fri, Sept 15
Over the next two days the astrology becomes quite strong; frustrations, conflicts, and overall difficulties may come out.  Be careful with transportation and communication devices.  The roots of difficulties here could be suppressed anger and instances in the past where you were overly demanding, harsh, and severe.  (Mercury conjunct Mars semisquare Saturn)

Sat, Sept 16
The bottom may fall out of certain situations or things, the rotten foundations finally giving way.  At root here obviously will be misuse of the ego over others.  There may be issues of faltering vitality and ethical boundaries neglected.  At some point, probably early on: relationship issues will be highlighted, the initial excitement of association, but if there is no higher purpose for those associations they will be quite short-lived.  Sun square Pluto, biquintile Uranus; Venus opposite Uranus)

Sun, Sept 17
Early on (more so for European time zones) a positive and potentially fruitful relationship dynamic is astrologically forming.  As with all things, the potential presented is no guarantee of fulfillment; that part requires a lot of not-so-fun hard work.  (Juno sextile Jupiter)

Mon, Sept 18
Possibly over the last day or so into tomorrow, the Sun will be conjunct the highly spiritual, but karmic South Node of the Moon, called Ketu.  Ketu is the least understood of the Nodes, probably because it is the most initiatic.  Ketu’s ultimate purpose is to tear you away from attachment to the things of worldly significance, which it seems to do by bringing to the fore of your experience the inherent vanity and emptiness of their allure.  A lot of disappointments, losses, and so-called “misfortunes” occur under Ketu’s influence; its conjunction with the Sun today indicates issues of the ego, the will, and conscious direction in life that need to be purged of pride and other lesser, petty emotions.  This is for the whole world as much as it will be for you.  The cultivation of the attitude of “I am here, but I am only an actor on a stage playing my part” will go a long way to helping you ride out any turbulences coming up.  The play is really only a big illusion; the realities of life however are in my connection to my Source and how that reflects in my interactions with others.  The others of course are really only different facets of the Universal Consciousness that you are One with.  (Sun conjunct South Node)

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