Astrology for the Week of June 6, 2011: Saturn Stationary Direct

The first part of the week is relatively smooth sailing, but seas could get very rough starting Thursday right through the weekend.  Our old friend, Saturn, turns direct after some months retrograde; called a station on Sunday, June 12.

Saturn stations can indeed be rough, the planet in effect is standing still in the sky.  The slower a planet moves the deeper its effects on us.  So therefore a planet seemingly not moving at all will have an extremely deep effect on us.

Saturn Stationary RetrogradeThe concept of friends is interesting indeed.  Friends both limit us (keep us at a certain level), and then they also raise us up.  We like our friends for both qualities.  They help us achieve a status quo or comfortability, but getting too comfortable can be a dangerous state to remain in.  This is where Saturn’s brand of friendship comes in.

There is a saying, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”  That is, real friends will say the hard things even when we would prefer that they do not.  Saturn brings us front and center to the parts of our lives that MUST change, and he becomes the cosmic mirror letting us know all too well that there is only one source of pain in our lives: our own bad actions.  There is no one to blame, except for that one in the mirror that Saturn is holding up to us.

It’s easy though to still deny what is in the mirror, to turn away.  But eventually as Saturn hacks away at that negatively reinforcing social structure of our lives (including our so-called friends), it becomes less and less possible to redirect the blame to anyone or thing except our self.  So Saturn is really our BEST kind of friend, when he comes knocking on the door don’t hide.  Let him in, he’ll work with you.

Monday, June 6
It may seem like anything is possible to the believing mind, but be sure that enthusiasm is not applied merely to make up for any lacking good sense or risk assessment.  Intolerance for situations that resist change may reach critical levels, inciting action.  Creative, cultural, and spiritual activities are stimulated.  (Sun semisquare Jupiter, quintile Uranus)

Tuesday, June 7
Careful, balanced study and reflection is enhanced.  Attaining a calm demeanor becomes more possible today, and communication processes can be polished.  Some may mistake a certain somberness for depression, or passivity.  (Mercury trine Saturn)

Wednesday, June 8
Some relationship patterns may experience challenges.  Hope and enthusiasm, as well as a seeking of unity may strongly characterize this day.  Be careful of overly idealistic or hopeful strategies that make everybody feel good listening to them, but in the end accomplish nothing.  (Sun square Juno, Jupiter sextile Neptune)

Thursday, June 9
Intentions and actions may seek to push the envelope quite strongly, beware of situations that pose risk, especially to life and limb.  Deceitful or deceptive behaviors are attenuated.  Strange or unusual manifestations of energy, emotions, thinking, or of health may occur.  Relationships and emotions in general are strongly intensified.  A lot can be accomplished today in a hard physical way as well as a subtle spiritual way.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun tridecile Neptune, Venus biquintile Pluto)

Friday, June 10
Today Mars moves over into a new sidereal sign, Taurus (Raman ayanamsa); everyone should feel a definite shift in some area of life.  Otherwise relationships, discussions, and emotions will be strongly stimulated, hopefully opening up new areas of thought and experience.  Be careful of feeling strongly inspired about someone or something, only to be disappointed a little later on down the road.  (Venus square Neptune, Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Saturday, June 11
Be careful of deception and self-deception, cloudiness of thinking, and other mishaps brought about by absent mindedness and the like.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Sunday, June 12
Saturn, the Taskmaster, comes to a halt after hitting the brakes the past week or so; now turning around to normal forward motion.  All things Saturn come to palpable life: the need to get realistic, to overcome negative trends of thinking, and to act in a more honorable manner.  Saturn is our greatest friend, bringing to our direct attention those matters which must be urgently attended to.  Saturn’s effect is like a burning fire in our veins, which a lot of us experience a panic, fear, anxiety, and desperation; but nonetheless hardening and strengthening our sense of selfhood and integrity.  Setbacks, delays, and upheavals are not uncommon with days like today, on a personal as well as collective level.  The key is to not surrender hope, but to have faith and persevere on.  (Saturn stationary direct)

Monday, June 13
Carrying over from yesterday, the tendency to look harshly and severely at situations or people will be strongly attenuated.  Setbacks, accidents, and sharp emotions elicited in us affect life as well as our relationships.  A strong, focused mind will bring you through these “dire straits” to a more open and calm sea soon.  (Sun and Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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