Saturn Enters Astraea’s Realm

by | Aug 31, 2009 | Predictions

There has been a major shift in the stars in the last few days, have you felt it?  Remember first of all that I am using theSaturn in Sidereal Virgo 2009 sidereal zodiac, but transiting Saturn has just moved from Leo to Virgo. What does this mean?  Well for every single person on the planet this means that Saturn has moved into a new house, if you’re like me then I am certain you felt something shift in your life quite recently.

Picture at right is of August 31, 2009 using Stellarium software, actual sidereal sign boundaries and stylized images projected therein will not exactly correspond; but you get an idea of what’s going on.

Of course I am also applying sidereal whole sign houses to everyone as well, but it is one of the secret weapons in my astrological arsenal and it serves me very well.  Here’s another one of my secrets: you can also use the Sun and the Moon as an additional house system.

What this means is that Saturn has now moved into the eleventh house from my ascendant, but it has also moved into the sixth house from my Moon (not so good) and the seventh house from my Sun (significant relationships potentially).  The fact that Saturn is now in an angular house from my Sun increases all the more the significance of this coming 2 ½ year period upcoming.

These are not really secrets as they are standard Vedic astrological techniques, which the Western astrology misses out on mainly because it is limited by the weakness of the tropical zodiac in my opinion.  To find out how this applies to you, you need to find out the sidereal sign of your Sun and Moon and find out now many signs Virgo is from them.  For all people who have had charts done by me recently I already laid this out for you.

The new sign for Saturn should be better than the previous two and a half years in sidereal Leo, since Saturn is debilitated in that sign.  Saturn appreciates Virgo’s sensibility, practicality and tendency to analyze things.  Saturn during this time for a while will be receiving an aspect from Jupiter, which will be in the sign of its rulership Pisces later this year; and this will help things out as well.  Just in the nick of time it would seem.

A lot of people are predicting doom and gloom, and I just recently wrote an ebook on this very subject but I have to say that there will also be some positive developments upcoming.  Saturn’s modus operandi however is to introduce problems into the situation, which has a galvanizing influence on the executive functions of the individual.  With Virgo we can expect the outcropping of hidden problems in the health area and the service field: less pay but more work, and possibly dealing with chronic conditions.

I should also point out that Virgo is an eminently feminine figure in the skies.  In fact the constellation depicts the ancient Greek goddess of justice called Astraea.  I’ve observed a lot of Hollywood style “goddesses” have strong Virgo elements in their charts; for instance Angelina Jolie and Brittney Spears both are Virgos.  There seems to be a strong sexual sub-theme to Virgo.  So Saturn here may bring out pathological elements of sexual nature that need to be resolved.

This is a rather technical article of mine, and if you don’t mind I’m about to get even more technical.  If you’re not into the science behind astrology your eyes may start to blur at this point.

In my research I have found that if use the Raman ayanamsha I get the best results.  What is the ayanamsha?  It is the exact difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs, the value differs according to different criteria.  The standard one used by India is the Lahiri ayanamsha, but an alternate one (Raman) I have found to give results that are very exact.  Different ayanamshas create different starting and ending dates of the Vedic planetary periods (called dasas), and if I use the Raman ayanamsha for clients I find very good results.

This also means that there will be differing dates when planets ingress signs as well; so according to my criteria Saturn entered Virgo exactly on Friday, August 28, 2009.  Other Vedic astrologers will quote Wednesay, September 9. 2009 to you since they use the Lahiri ayanamsha mainly.  I however don’t go with the crowd, I always go where the evidence points me to go.

Influences can be felt a few days in advance of the sign ingress, but I have always observed a definite shift (sometimes punctuated by significant turns of events) on the very days of the sign change.

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