Returning to the Scene of the Crime

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June 4-11, 2007
The month of June is named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno.  Juno is from the Greek Hera, the faithful but combative wife of Zeus who seemed to always getting himself tangled up in affairs with young maidens.  Hera represents control and discipline of the love nature.  Zeus represents the dilemma of modern man caught between the jaws of corporeality and his even more native purely spiritual origins.  Myths become colored by modernistic overlays of…. 


June 4-11, 2007
This week the astrological event of import is the asteroid Juno turning direct (after some months of retrograding).  Retrogradation is a planetary manifestation apparent to the earthly eye only; due to the adjacent orbits of the Earth and Juno around the Sun, at some point Juno will appear to start moving backwards.  However this is merely because the Earth overtakes Juno in orbital speed, and a change of perspective occurs. 

Retrogradation implies a “going back”, recollection, retrieval, or retracing in consciousness.  Subjectivity of mind has a greater chance of occurring and therefore errors of judgment and “idiosyncrasies” of behavior coming out.  Traditionally retrograde periods denote bad luck with regards to the planet and the human affairs it rules; i.e. back luck is more likely where there is a greater amount of unresolved psychological issues cluttering the flow of events. 

It is my experience that retrograde periods of any planet has little or no effect on earthly affairs; with two main exceptions.  First, you would not want to initiate any actions ruled by the planet in question without the understanding that there is a greater chance of errors and problems because an “afflicted” condition is being locked into the chart of that new enterprise. 

Secondly, retrogrades and direction motion of planets are only noticeable during their stations; that is, at the moment that they appear to stop dead in the sky and reverse direction.  This is when a planet actually is most powerful.  For “good or ill” is immaterial, the planet is powerful and its affairs will be most prominently focused. 


As Juno therefore stops dead in the sky astronomically all issues of marriage and relationships will be most prominent.  The month of June is named after the Roman goddess of marriage (Juno).  Juno is the name the Romans gave to the Greek goddess of Hera, the faithful but combative wife of Zeus who seemed to always getting himself tangled up in affairs with young maidens.  Hera represents control and discipline of the love nature, such as an “honorable” husband or wife holds for their spouse.  Zeus, as a mythological archetypal figure, represents the dilemma of modern man caught between the jaws of corporeality and his even more native purely spiritual origins.  Myths become colored by modernistic (in this case going back thousand of years) overlays of ideation, social morays, and collective errors. 

When you look at nature the urge to procreate is very strong and a lot of humans, not unlike the beasts of the field, seem to procreate a lot.  Since we wear these strongly beastlike forms for a while as a result of the “fall” of man from paradise, we have to make due with what we have and wage the perpetual battle against ignorance, passion (as an unconscious non-divine force), and materiality. 

Maybe getting married, having 3.5 kids (who get good grades and then go to college and get good jobs), owning a home with a white picket fence, going to church on Sundays, and growing old peacefully at retirement; these all seem like nice ideas and it was what our parents sought to instill in us; but how much of that is actually based in gross materialism, a vapory human “reality”, and abject human delusory egotism? 

These are not ends, but means.  They very much become burdens to the soul that by nature soars, where the body by nature sits.  Which is life, which is death?  Let’s face it; let’s get real.  Relationships, raising a family, and building a legacy are karmic in nature (and therefore prone to stress) as much as they are anything.  Millions of people pin their hopes and dreams on these matters, but they will be disappointed when the tide washes away all their castles of sand. 

But when all that business is said and done, usually in the later half of life, you are free to refine and etherealize your goals; to separate yourself out of the smothering grip of materiality and elect to abide in spaces of perpetual peace, felicity, and equipoise.  Relationships start to lose their appeal to you, the maddening crowd (usually of a younger set) more and more repels you, and you find yourself seeking a less financially-prescribed goal. 

Of course however if you have not completely let go of life’s illusions and delusions, and you haven’t yet penetrated the lies that rule the world; you may go to your grave with a burning, unfulfilled yearning that gives you no peace.  By the law of return, those unfulfilled desires will return you to the very scene you left (marriage, white picket fences, and respectable kids) instead of other higher realms that you originated from in your earlier angelic days. 

This week also the Sun opposes Jupiter, which means that the Earth will be at exact midpoint between them and Jupiter will be closest to Earth and will be highest (and brightest) in the night sky.  An exuberant feeling of optimism and confidence should abound the earlier part of the week.  Ideas, perceptions, and visions about things you have attached your ego to could take on exaggerated importance, but a healthy sense of possibilities should prevail, not mention the growth and magnification of the heat of spiritual ardor. 

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Mon, Jun 4
Today and yesterday major relationship developments should have occurred.  This morning (US time) there could be an excess of bravado and enthusiasm, which hopefully will be proactively channeled for future good.  Also at some point today beware of assumptions, things which seem to be so, or just mysterious lapses of judgement altogether; inspiration also is possible.  (Juno stationary direct, Mars trine Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Tue, Jun 5
Social interactions should be animated and profitable, with many good feelings to share.  A very strong undercurrent of anger or forcefulness could be present as well.  The opposition of the Sun and Jupiter today also will help insure a more positive outcome and help lift spirits to all.  (Sun opposite Jupiter, Mars tridecile Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Wed, Jun 6
No peaking influences

Thur, Jun 7
No peaking influences

Fri, Jun 8
No peaking influences

Sat, Jun 9
Sudden, new, and exciting (even if short-lived) relationship situations can ensue right now.  There could be a conflict between wanting a more soul-level love with that of a desire to have a deep, complex, and intriguing love.  Overall though the theme of seeking independence and uniqueness within the larger social “box” will be prominent; conflicts with authorities or the status quo may also come out.  (Sun square Uranus, Venus sesequiquadate Uranus, Venus biquintile Pluto)

Sun, Jun 10
No peaking influences

Mon, Jun 11
Very interesting configuration between the Sun, Mars, and Saturn today.  The urge to move, to act, and put your stamp on the scene should be stimulated; but moderated judiciously and tempered by experience.  All in all producing smaller, more realistic and enduring accomplishments.  Undercurrents of frustration may be present though.  (Sun sextile Mars and Saturn, Mars trine Saturn)

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