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Forecast Reports

Forecast ReportsThese reports are TREMENDOUS values. Every single transit from all the planets, unique to your birthchart. All life areas, very precise and accurate with full interpretation.  Plus solar return interpretation: 12 months from birthday to birthday.

6 Month Transit Report $4.97

12 Month Transit Report $7.97

Solar Return Report $3.97

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Relationship Reports

Relationship ReportsWe offer two very good relationship compatibility reports for you.  These are computer generated reports based on the text of long time astrologers, analyzing the compatibility factors between two people over a full spectrum of life situations.

Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report $3.97

Western Astrology Compatibility Report $6.97

Combined Vedic and Western Compatibility Report $8.97

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Natal Reports

Natal ReportsPersonalized astrology reports, using advanced and traditional astrological factors in your birthchart.  Personality, character-destiny information.  Computerized reports.

Major Life Themes Report $3.97

Midpoints Report $2.97

Natal Report $4.97

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