Ravaging of the Collective Sense of Normalcy

by | May 25, 2010 | Predictions

Double Outer Planet Station, the Continuing Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

Chick Breaking Out of It's Eggshell: Saturn and NeptuneHold on for an INCREDIBLE week astrologically, sort of a kick off for an equally INCREDIBLE summer astrologically.  As I am writing this the world stock markets have been reeling from the continuing debt crisis in Europe, and now the US market is feeling the shock waves.  Market intervention may succeed in calming things down, as it always seems to do; but you get the impression that a volcano is about to blow.

Over the weekend both Saturn and Neptune make stations, switching from retrograde to direct and vice-versa.  The astrological maxim is that the slower a planet moves the deeper and more profound its effect; therefore when a planet stands still in the sky for a day its effects are tremendously intensified.  Having Saturn and Neptune with their ravaging effects greatly intensified, could make this a weekend to remember.

Of course, the “ravaging” of Saturn and Neptune will be to our personal and collective sense of normalcy and status quo, and one thing the human ego hates more than anything else is change.  Change demands flexibility and open-mindedness on our part.  Growth and expansion on our part means the old place that we were comfortable in is no longer relevant, it’s obsolete.

You’ll recall that a hatching chick needs to break out of its shell all by itself, or die.So growth is painful, inconvenient, and quite traumatic at times; and Saturn and Neptune are perfect facilitators of growth in our lives.  Saturn has a constricting type of effect, and it accentuates the feeling of acute pain or burden corresponding to various situations in our lives.  Neptune has the effect of dissolving and loosening our grip on so called reality, and opening us up to more non-linear types of awareness.  Neptune also can accentuate the feeling of being lost, or a despairing un-tethered feeling, which latently resides in us due to patterns of neglect in our behavior; Neptune pulls it out and into the open for correction.

Some of these emotions and associated behaviors may be coming out micro and macro levels for us this next week or so; but the energies will certainly peak over May 30 and 31, 2010; over the US Memorial Day weekend.

You literally see a manifestation of the problem in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP, the US government, and the media (all brothers of a sort) shames and blames each other and everyone for the mess; and it was most certainly a product of neglect (some would say malicious conscious intention); and you can see the ravaging effects to the coastline, the wildlife, and the waters themselves by the oil spill, clouding and blemishing the environment.

Certainly significant was the occurrence of the oil spill exactly with the quincunx of Saturn and Neptune in mid April 2010, as highlighted in SWN.  Other even more powerful configuration are becoming exact over the summer and carrying over in the winter of 2011, I’ve highlighted the whole scenario in Mounting Challenges, which a purchase of helps keep this site running.

This week also has a couple hot zones mid week on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 25 and 26; the Sun will aspect Pluto and Mars aspects Uranus; these are all basically intense and potentially severe configurations.  Today’s market gyrations globally already are an indication of the level of activity promised.  When the Sun aspects Pluto,  you can always be sure to experience viscerally some type of unusual or upsetting energy, and Mars aspecting Uranus increases the potential for alarmed or hysterical reactions emotionally which can accompany or precipitate events of a change-producing nature.  Mars is also the planet of violence and the potential for rash and injurious actions is present also.  Have a nice week 😉

To sum it up: there is definitely a bump in the road mid week, and a much bigger bump over the weekend.

Tues, May 25
Obsessive or compulsive behaviors are accentuated, be sure to be the captain of your ship and not your lower impulses.  Judiciously guided, actions today may result in breakthroughs; areas or situations of concern may reach critical stress and appropriately breakdown, making way for new solutions.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

  • Dow plummets almost 300 points, then recovers.
  • Obama attends tense luncheon with Republican senators News story
  • At least 60 dead in Jamaican drug war News story

Wed, May 26
Early on there may be moments of hysteria and alarm accompanied by events of a disruptive nature; avenues of change are being opened up though, a cool head can make a tremendous difference to transform a tense situation to one of exciting innovation.  Thoughts and issues however may be burdened by errors of perception and miscalculations of judgment.  It is possible also to delude oneself by the seeming righteousness of their cause, or the sentiment that hope fills all gaps in their thinking.  (Mars biquintile Uranus, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Thurs, May 27
Powerful and important connections between people and situations may come about today; thoughts and issues of fate, destiny, and purpose will be strong.  (Sun biquintile Node)

Friday, May 28
Early on relationship issues will be highlighted, the impetus to connect with others will be strong.  Thinking and discussions however may be burdened by pessimism or dark preoccupations, and the tendency toward pathological behaviors will be triggered.  It’s the beginning of an intense weekend.  (Venus semisquare Mars, Mercury contraparallel Neptune, sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sat, May 29
Outbreaks of reckless enthusiasm and unjustified optimism may punctuate an otherwise heavy weekend; there could be moments of lucid counterpoint to the prevailing trends of the current times.  Nevertheless discussions and presentations should be provocative and compelling.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Sun, May 30
During this time also important love connections will be forming, potentially of a deeply spiritual sort.  Otherwise a heavy seriousness or underlining anxiety may characterize today and this weekend in general.  There could be deep discussions and efforts at getting to the truth of matters; and people and various situations may “hit bottom” to finally open the door to positive change. (Saturn stationary direct, Venus conjunct South Node)

Mon, May 31, Memorial Day (US)
Today is much the same as yesterday, however early on there may be a punctuating sense of frustration, delay, or setback challenging the good spirits of anyone.  There is also an element of idyllic relationship scenarios at play, possibly offering an all too convenient escape from the challenges of our times.  The greatest challenge however might be just to stay hopeful and positive.  (Neptune stationary retrograde, Sun tridecile Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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