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Predictions March 13 to 19, 2012: Grand Trine

The very big news this week is the grand trine of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto; it could be quite an upbeat and good day for relationships and good fortune. All the planets are connecting in a flowing manner, and you just don’t see classically “good” configurations like this very much.

March 2012 Grand Trine

March 14, 2012 Grand Trine

The “good” part will be the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which will be very beautiful in the evening skies (weather permitting viewing.) However, these two benefics will be making aspect to malefic Mars and Pluto. The malefics I am thinking in this configuration will strengthen and deepen the overall effects of the astrology of this week, and at the same time bring more misunderstood energies into play.

I’m referring to more potentially obsessive or compulsive issues coming about in relationships and human affairs, but with the potential to help resolve them or bring them to better use. Even with the so-called “good” trines involved here, because malefic planets are involved mischief may emerge.

Then peaking over Sunday and Monday next week, the Sun will aspect Saturn and Mars the Nodes; which probably will darken and intensify the tone of those days.

Click on the magnifying glass lower right in the image below to expand. Look to the western sky for two closely aligned shining stars, those will be Venus and Jupiter.

Venus Jupiter Conjunction March 2012

Tuesday, March 13
Relationships and love are favored, most certainly peaking tomorrow. (Venus trine Pluto, Mercury trine Juno)

Wednesday, March 14
While I wouldn’t recommend you go out and buy a bunch of lottery tickets, this should be a very positive, constructive, and exciting energetic day; and there should be a strong focus on getting along with others, connecting, and relationships. Be careful of misbehaving, pushing the envelope, or otherwise taking advantage of situations inappropriately. It may feel like anything is possible, but sometimes we need to understand our place. If you are favored with clear nights you should have a beautiful view of Venus and Jupiter very close together. (Venus conjunct Jupiter, trine Mars and Pluto, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, tridecile Juno)

Thurs and Friday, March 15-16
No peaking influences

Saturday, March 17
Love and emotions may be luminescent and transfiguring; but be careful of letting moments like these carry you away from otherwise more practical considerations with others. Promises are one thing, carrying them out is another matter altogether. Creativity and spirituality are favored. (Venus quintile Neptune)

Sunday, March 18
Anxieties and emotional pathology may be brought to the surface through events and situations today. A pessimistic attitude may unfairly overshadow the outcome of affairs; but this will be an excellent opportunity to see just what needs adjustment and fixing in your life. Delays and setbacks may seem most prominent. Being able to find solutions “out of the box”, however, are almost more likely. (Sun quincunx Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus)

Monday, March 19
It is hard to measure precisely, but now Mars will be in square to the Nodes, which may bring people together under aggressive, strife-filled, or competitive scenarios.

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