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by | Aug 12, 2006 | Current Events

Sometimes it’s just all obvious enough, I can let the stars themselves tell their story and it unfolds in perfect accord.  I speak of course on the alleged bombing plot foiled by the US and Britain.   

It was foiled of course; but who will be penalized are long, long lines of air flight passengers now forced to discard any kinds of fluids before boarding the plane.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?   

Well the story itself is iffy, even if mixed chemicals could cause a blast strong enough to do real damage to a flight.  The patsies (if I can call them that) are just the usual bunch of kids organized by some mysterious al Qaida connection.  The real elusive enemy is still out there.  Be afraid, be afraid!   

It just so happened that as this event hit Neptune (the planet of illusion) was at opposition to the Sun; which means it was at the highest point in the sky, closest to Earth, and at its brightest.  Neptune of course is heading into a powerful opposition with Saturn denoting potential for deliberate deceptions.  I guess I got that one right.   

Did Dr Turi get that one?  J   

Excuse me, but it just seems every time he gets a prediction right he screams it at the top of his lungs to the world via his email newsletter.  I wonder what happens to the predictions that don’t occur.   

All I can say is….duh!   Astrology is a science; if Neptune is at opposition there is going to be some funny stuff going on.  No need to shout it from the rooftops.  I lay it out calmly, resolutely each week.  For those who have eyes to see, it is pretty much all laid out here week in, week out.   

Dr Turi wants everyone to think he’s really good, and that you should buy his book.  I can understand the book part; but if you’re really good people just know it.  It seems the art of understatement goes a lot farther than that of overstatement.   

Sorry, but I think there could be a little bit of ego involved in making oneself to be a good predictor.  Of course the human ego does this kind of behavior to compensate for what is self-perceived to be a sense in inadequacy.  There may be some insecurity behind Dr Turi’s rants; he’s afraid that he’s not good enough at astrology, and that he’s going to go broke J   

When someone is making a big thing about something, and usually getting a little bent out of shape, or maybe just a little bit shrill; it is a good bet that all they are really pointing to is some sort of anxiety issue buried in their psyche linked to some past event; whether that be in a previous life or not.  Whenever someone starts to move into any kind sort of extremes, more and more something in me takes note.   

There is a guy on internet radio that I listen to, Alex Jones; and he regularly rants and raves.  I still listen to him though because he is very intelligent and can capsulize issues well; but when the high pitches start to come out I know that all relevant material from him has stopped.  I have his link on my links page, check him out sometime.   

I do like Jeff Rense though, because he is always calm and balanced in his tone, and to no surprised he seems quite balanced on the issues.  Make no doubt about it though; he’s got his issues to.   

Did I just rant myself?  This is a blog, you know.  Mars is now exactly opposing Uranus, and we’re all itching for fights, huh?  Time will only tell.  As any writer will tell you, the muse of good prose cannot be called up at will.  So the writer has to be continually writing to provide the open door for the angel of perfect literary grace to come as she pleases.  Tonight may not have been my most shining moment, lol.  I can blame it partially on the planets though, lol.   

BTW, in my quest for more search engine hits I plan to start blogging more regularly.  I hope I don’t inadvertently destroy completely the image of me being an erudite and sage commentator.  J  See you around.   


PS Ha, maybe my anxiety is that Dr Turi is getting more hits than me.  I’m sure time will rectify that little inconsistency J 


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