Pride, Prejudice, and Intimidation

by | Apr 19, 2009 | Predictions

This week the major event astrologically (from a Vedic point of view) is the ingress of Jupiter into the sidereal sign of Aquarius.  This does give me an opportunity to talk some about the sidereal vs. tropical divide in astrology, at least to some extent, the words of which may be put into a more edited version later. 

Jupiter moving into sidereal Aquarius means a few things. First, this means Jupiter moves into a new house in everybody’s chart.  If you use whole sign houses (which I highly recommend) you don’t get squished, very small houses on one side and then very large over-extended houses on the other.  Whole sign houses gives you a saner, more workable house system that enables true house interpretation. 

In my opinion western astrology emphasizes aspects between planets because their house systems are not very effective.  Some people may challenge me on this point, but I simply ask anyone to give a sidereal house system a try especially using planetary rulers in other houses. 

It is a sad but true tendency of humanity to utilize and investigate systems and models of thought only to the extent that is validates their previously held biases, beliefs, and established ways of thinking.  Getting “out of the box” is not so important because to them; what is important to them is feeling good about what they do, and if it conforms to the traditions and paradigms that have molded them.  Social acceptance of any idea or thought is a powerful criteria for a lot of people, but not necessarily lending any sort of truth to that idea. 

It takes an individual of rare courage to become a champion for truth; his need to get to the bottom of things must be greater than his need for social acceptance of his ideas.  But it is not my point here to deride western astrology, but it is to urge everyone towards a constant testing and validation of our ideas, to never stop sharpening our discernment and seeking to provide a better service to our clients.  Above all, never to dismiss or scoff at any idea just because it sounds “ridiculous”. 

You can extend these ideas to not only astrology, but other things like politics and spirituality.  Sometimes there is very little intellect in intellectual matters; but pride, prejudice, and intimidation instead. 

Having said that perhaps it is apropos that Jupiter is indeed entering the “intellectual” sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius rules the thoughts and social paradigms that mold and animate our society, that give us a sense of group identity, and a greater concern for the “whole” as opposed to merely the “self”.  Jupiter is a planet of ebullient exposition, full of all sorts of enthusiasm, hyperbole, and ceremony. 

Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, is more rigid and dry compared to Jupiter’s open-ended buoyancy; so the combination is perhaps going to take some away from both the sign and the planet involved.  But for everybody this means the entry of the a benefic planet into a new house for everyone.  For myself, it therefore enters my fourth house and I might be seeing an expansion of my home living environment in the next twelve months (the time it takes Jupiter to travel through one sign).  For Leo rising people this may portend some upbeat new relationship scenario coming into play (seventh house); for Taurus rising people this may indicate a new period of success and advancement (tenth house); and so on. 

The condition of Aquarius’ ruler Saturn will also affect the interpretation here; and since it is debilitated in sidereal Leo right now for the next few months it will have the effect of downgrading the manifestions of Jupiter traveling through Aquarius. This could possibly mean an accent on Jupiter’s hype factor as opposed to the true illumination it can bring, and an overall inflation of Aquarius’ lesser qualities such as sloganistic messages for citizens to work for the common good (which Obama used quite a bit in his election campaign), which are short on substance but long on grandiose adjectives.  

Positively, but at cost to taxpayers, Jupiter here could bring increased social spending that helps people and is mandated by economic hard times.  Due to the debilitated nature of Jupiter here keep in mind the idea of new outlays to enhance the appearance of things, but little to nothing to address the crumbling infrastructure beneath. 

Looking at other things, there is also a conjunction of Venus and Mars this week on Tuesday, April 21st (same as Jupiter entering Aquarius); this should be good for all relationships and the power of love in our lives.  Around the 24th the Sun will come to a square to the Nodes, which should certainly be a significant day for everyone at some level or another; the Nodes correspond to deep spiritual and karmic forces in our lives. 

On Sunday, April 26th, Mars and Pluto will square each other; this configuration is similar to taking the safety valve off of a steam engine, it may push its output past previous limits but the system overheats and breaks down.  Similarly in a psychological context, barriers which keep powerful forces at bay are let down (or broken-through) and people could get hurt.  During Mars/Pluto configurations repressessed energies come out and if they are correctly governed great things can be accomplished; but if not well handled, there can be much cause for regret.


Sun, April 19
Deep penetration of the mind is possible, obsessions and compulsions in thought, word, and deed may be activated.  The power to persuade is will be magnified.  (Mercury in Aries sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Mon, April 20
Obstacles and delays may dog our actions, calling up the need for greater diligence and perseverance.  Anxiety patterns may be activated in the psyche possibly causing deceitful behaviors.  (Sun in Aries sesquiquadrate Saturn in Leo retrograde)

Tues, April 21
The power of love should be burning strong today, as well as passion for any endeavor.  Love attached to purpose, can be a great force for change in the world.  Creative pursuits are favored.  (Venus in Pisces conjunct Mars, Jupiter enters sidereal Aquarius)

Wed, April 22
Discussion and persuasion are favored.  Details may be the first casualty in the pursuit of the sale or winning the argument.  (Mercury in Taurus square Jupiter in Aquarius)

Thurs, April 23
Obsessions and compulsions may find easy entry into our affairs today, seemingly of great assistance but possibly causing more trouble down the road through subtlety.  A strong sense of empowerment may rise up quite easily.  (Sin in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius)

Fri, April 24

Significant turning points in our lives may come about now, as well as situations that bring us to conclusions about our destiny.  (Sun in Aries square Nodes)

Sat, April 25
Be careful about details and mishaps occurring because our projecting desires occlude reality.  (Mercury in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius)

Sun, April 26

Obsessions and compulsions may fuel our actions right now, causing us to act in unusual but problematical ways.  The possibility of intimidation, coercion, and other dangers are high; proceed with caution.  Be careful of sharp metal objects, fire, and conflicts.  (Mars in Pisces square Pluto in Sagittarius)

Mon, April 27

No peaking influences

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