Presidential Meltdowns?

by | Jan 16, 2006 | Current Events

There is not a little talk these days about how US President George W. Bush has been “melting down” lately: exploding unpredictably to White House staffers, launching into foul-mouth tirades when his policies are challenged, and otherwise exhibiting extreme mood swings.  Others are focusing on the President’s increasing uncomfortability and nervous gestures during press ops and other public events. 

Is the President losing it?  Is the Bush White House becoming a sinking ship? Is this just rumor or justified facts?  A look at the President’s astrology is going to clear up a lot of these questions. 

From a policy standpoint things have not been going well for the Bush II Administration:

  1. Growing opposition to the Iraq War
  2. The government bungling of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath
  3. The failed Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination
  4. The rising price of gasoline, and home heating bills expected to rise substantially
  5. The President approval poll numbers are at an all time low
One would be understandably grumpy at such a turn of affairs, especially if one had an ego which was so well attached to those situations above.  Some people are calling to attention the fact that the President is under anti-depressant medication, or that he’s exhibiting the behavior of a “dry drunk” (has stopped the alcohol intake but still retains the problematical thoughts and actions). 

According to (a truly great resource) the traits of a “dry drunk” are:

  • Grandiose behavior
  • Pomposity
  • Exaggerated self-importance
  • A rigidly judgmental outlook
  • Impatience
  • Childish behavior
  • Irresponsible behavior
  • Irrational rationalization
  • Projection
  • Overreaction
What does the chart of the President have to say about these qualities?  This will be a look at the astrology of the President according to Vedic sidereal astrology. 


The President has Cancer rising, he can be very emotional and have a wide range of emotional responses to various stimulus.  His ascendant is very full of planets.  Since the ascendant, or first house, represents the personality and self-hood of the individual; with a full first house for the President the chief priority is going to be “me, me, me”. 

The planetary ruler of the President’s very occupied first house is the Moon which is in the contentious and self-promoting third house, reinforcing the idea that he can be moody and “angry”.  Further, the Moon is conjunct the expansive planet of Jupiter, which reinforces the idea that he has a high, exalted, (and maybe overblown) sense of his self. 

Returning to his first house; there is a very prominent, but ill-dignified Saturn.  Since Saturn can be a focal point in the chart of problematic or pathological behavior; its debilitated state in the President’s chart would indicate a tendency to manifest the worst sort of emotional expressions as outlined in the dry drunk traits above, and that indeed he could have a "meltdown" on a regular basis. 

Self Perceived Inadequacy

The psychology of overreaction to perceived threats would stem from a deep sense of inadequacy, which is exactly the effect of a prominent ill-dignified Saturn in a person’s chart.  With the President, Saturn in the first house indicates that he would perceive external threats as jeopardizing his very existence.  The use and abuse of alcohol (or other substances) would certainly inflame his anxieties. 

The positioning of aggressive Mars in the second house of the spoken word would contribute to an alleged verbal abusive tendency, but also his tendency towards war-like rhetoric such as “bring ‘em on”.  Further, the dispositor of Mars (the planet which rules the house Mars is in) being the Sun in the twelfth house of secretive action is a typical indicator of someone who has addictive tendencies and may be involved in deceptions. 

The Person in Charge?

Some people say that the President is almost a mindless puppet, made so by a combination of anti-depressant drugs (and maybe God know what else), “psychotronic” manipulation, secret alcohol abuse on GWB’s part, and Machiavellian maneuverings on the part of neo-conservative policy group centered in the Pentagon.  It is alleged that the real power behind the Oval Office is that of Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Pentagon Official Paul Wolfowitz, and a gang of others; the President is just their straw-man. 

With the astrology outlined above such a scenario is not out of the realm of possibility.  Through a masterful orchestration of affairs such a man as ruled by anxieties potentially as the President could be herded through almost any sort of trail.  They say that if you don’t choose your own path, someone else surely will.  When you’re too busy fighting off imaginary foes and woes; you’re very susceptible and very much not-in-control. 

Some people are now saying that the President is being cast aside by the powers that be, and that there letting him die a slow political death until their new man comes on the scene.  What do the President’s cycles have to say about that? 

GWB Cosmic Timetable

It was right about the time that Hurricane Katrina hit that the ball started to drop; gas prices went through the roof, bombings and other terror started to elevate in Iraq and other countries, the incompetence and lack of compassion of the government became very apparent.  The President’s approval ratings start going lower than ever.  The Karl Rove/Plamegate affair started to reach white hot furor in the press.  The public perception of the White House was definitely under siege. 

The straw man, of course, gets the heat; as he was always meant to.  It was exactly on August 11, 2005 that the President entered a new major Vedic cycle (maha dasa) of Mercury to last for the next 17 years. 

This new phase of the George W. Bush’s life does not exactly look “good”.  Mercury is the ruler of his twelfth house; and this means that this period is likely to ruled by the activities of his enemies, and those enemies will be of the secretive, conspiratorial, and deceptive kind.  His Mercury is also connected with (conjunct) his debilitated Saturn in the first house: his personal self-assessment and self-presentation will be hindered.  The President’s fortunes look mediocre at best, and the astrology for self-undermining behavior and conspiracies against him are very high. 

I will say though that the Bush critics may not all be right.  George W. Bush’s Mercury has some intrinsic good fortune to it (in mutual reception to the Moon and Jupiter); he may have some surprises for everybody to come yet. 

There is more to comment on the President’s cycles and I’m going to be leaving that for another article in the days to come.  Stay tuned for more riveting information. 

Curtis Burns
November 11, 2005
St. Paul, MN

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