Predictions Week of November 14, 2011

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Predictions

Monday, Nov 14
Important communications and relationship developments may occur.  The ability to think, speak, and otherwise express yourself will be accentuated.  (Mercury conjunct North Node)

Tuesday, Nov 15
The Sun moves into sidereal Scorpio today, so a definite shift may be felt in everyone’s life in some way.  As Venus quintiles Neptune today also, love may be a many splendored thing, as they say, but spirituality and creativity may be a more profitable outlet for the energies.  Neptunian influences in relationships have a potential to lead into well-intentioned, but problematical situations in love.

Wednesday, Nov 16
This day may be marked by enthusiasm and buoyancy between people, however the tendency to act imprudently, impulsively, and recklessly self-indulgent is present also.  Be careful of braggadocio, deceptions, and exaggerations.  (Mars trine Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury quintile Neptune)

Thursday, Nov 17
No peaking influences

Friday, Nov 18
Very early on, discussions could be animated, but possibly inflated by grandiosity and arrogance.  Be careful of over-optimism in judgments or perception.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Saturday, Nov 19
No peaking influences

Sunday, Nov 20
Early on, relationships and passion could be strongly triggered.  The day also will be characterized by mysterious losses of energy, vitality, and will power; and deceitful, deceptive and addictive tendencies touched off as well.  (Sun square Neptune, Venus tridecile Mars)

Monday, Nov 21
No peaking influences

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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