Predictions Oct 2 to 8, 2012

by | Oct 2, 2012 | Predictions

Tuesday, Oct 2
This could be a dangerous time right now. People may be emotionally jumpy and egos may be easily offended; towards the other extreme passion, competiveness, and assertiveness will be high as well. Be careful also of accidents, injuries, or worse. Relationships also may find moments of clarity and purpose. (Mars conjunct North Node, Venus sextile Saturn)

Wednesday, Oct 3
Unusual relationship developments are at hand. Be sure though that what seems apparent in another person is truly real and that the potential of the relationship is realistic as well. Nevertheless, feeling will be deep and stirring. (Venus opposite Neptune, biquintile Uranus)

Thursday, Oct 4
The sense that anything is possible will be strong, which may distort perception of reality; i.e. there may be a tendency to overblown optimism. Beware those who promise the world, because usually they leave town before the week is done. However, creativity, spirituality, and the sense of seeing the “big picture” will be more possible in our affairs. (Jupiter stationary retrograde)

Friday, Oct 5
Possibly in stark contrast to yesterday, pessimism and a colder sense of realism may characterize affairs today. This is a good day to get organized, to plan and assess options. Some however may still blithely adhere to the anything-is-possible philosophy. (Mercury conjunct Saturn, trine Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 6
Discussion and debate may be lively, however facts and figures may be subject to expedient distortion.   A sense of pride or intellectual bias may hinder truth-discovery. (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Sunday, Oct 7
Actions, intentions, and motives may be problematical under scrutiny. Lies, deceit, and deceptions may be somehow acceptable today. Energy, enthusiam, and physical vitality may be mysteriously at low ebb. (Mars square Neptune)

Monday, Oct 8
Physical vitality may be at a low point, chronic conditions could flare, affecting our output. Deceitful behaviors may come out in us, as well as other dysfunctional tendencies. Spirituality may come out more as hypocrisy. Relationships are highlighted, problems in adjustment toward others; plus a sense of excitement of possibilities in relationships, but which may be on more of a friend level than that of lovers. (Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus square Juno, quincunx Uranus)

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