Predictions May 2 to 9, 2011

by | May 2, 2011 | Predictions

Mon, May 2 (New Moon in Sidereal Aries)
Anxieties and tendencies to react with emotional extremes are highlighted, be careful in your demonizing other people or situations that you are not merely projecting blame onto others about issues which only you are guilty of.  This is a day to roll up your sleeves and handle any emergencies that are more likely to occur, and above all, stay positive.  (Sun quincunx Saturn)

Tues, May 3
Deceitful tendencies in behavior and how they play out in relationship may be highlighted.  Energy and vitality may be in distinct absence, as well as honor and truthfullness.  People may seem to present the most beautiful of promises of love, but behind the appearances may lie the desperation of a userous personality.  Problems from substances, liquids, and toxins and general are more probable.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus semisquare Neptune)

Wed, May 4
Energy, motivation and actions may be pushed beyond normal limits.  People may take inappropriate advances, and intensity may characterize activities.  Be careful of breakdowns (mechanical, physical, emotional, etc.) and misuse of sexuality.  (Mars tridecile Pluto)

Thurs-Sat, May 5-7
No peaking influences

Sun, May 8
Tensions may flare.  The contrast between freedom and restrictions imposed by circumstances to inhibit that freedom may reach acute levels, causing sudden and/or unexpected breaks from previous patterns of behaviors.  (Sun biquintile Saturn, Sun semisquare Uranus)

Mon, May 9
Good fortune may characterize interactions and developments today, an upbeat and strident tone may help to open new doors.  (Mercury conjunct Venus while both enter sidereal Aries)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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