Monday, July 23
No peaking influences

Tuesday, July 24
Personal energy and motivation may be conspicuously absent and deceitful or dishonest habits may be activated.  However creativity and spontaneity may still be found; discussions and investigations may prove profitable.  Be careful of stretching, bending, or distorting truths or facts, whether for expediency or to be overly accommodating.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter)

Wednesday, July 25
Early on a certain excitement may characterize the day.  Later, important relationship matters will be brought to attention.  (Mercury trine Uranus, Sun tridecile Juno)

Thursday, July 26
Emotions and what bonds us to others will be brought out.  Where friendship crosses over into love and back may be accented, and then times when it seems to but it really hasn’t. At times obsessive or compulsive thinking or actions may attempt to influence you.  (Mercury quincunx Pluto, Venus quintile Uranus, tridecile Neptune)

Friday, July 27
No peaking influences

Saturday, July 28
The Sun linking up with Mercury and Venus should bring cordiality intellectual/verbal matters to bear today, with the potential downside being superficiality or personal agendas directing relationships and interactions in general. 

Sunday, July 29
Venus moves into sidereal Gemini (Raman ayanamsha), a shift in relationships may be noticed. 

Monday, July 30
Early on, obsessive or compulsive behaviors may be overly activated, be careful of pushing the envelope and the consequences thereof.  Physical, mechanical, electronic or any other kind of breakdown is indicated, especially from pushing things beyond their normal limits.  (Sun quincunx Pluto)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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