While we are calming down from Monday’s Mars station, the rest of the week is relatively quiet astrologically.  The biggest peak of configurations will be Saturday, January 28, with a combination of positive and so-called negative influences.

Monday, Jan 23
The need to make something happen may be very strong, as well as self-perceived offenses against our sensitive egos.  The need to prove that one is NOT weak, indecisive or passive may be very strong.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, or other conflicts.  A sense of urgency or assurance may also characterize the day.  (Mars stationary retrograde, Mercury trine Mars)

Tuesday, January 24
Relationships may hit deeper than usual cross-points; motivations, desires, and expectations may come into high relief against each other with both parties.  This may  be a place to see where compromise trumps the prerogatives of the ego, especially in the context of relationships.  (Venus square Nodes)

Wednesday, January 25
Relationships may hit rough patches in their mutual journey down the road.  Saturn here serves to put the spotlight on our tendencies to demonize or shame the other person, in effect to deceitfully project our own inconsistencies onto the other person.  Taking a cooperative, less severe approach to reconciling differences is key.  Taking on a little bit of humility will help to.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Thursday, January 26
Mercury makes passing aspect to the Nodes, possibly inciting glib behaviors, errors of judgment or discernment.  People will be aligning over intellectual or philosophical issues.  (Mercury semisquare Nodes)

Friday, January 27
A spirit of pessimism or morbidity may contribute to a paralysis, inhibition, or repression of thought, ideas, or expression.  Lines of communication may suffer blockage or delay.  (Mercury square Saturn)

Saturday, January 28
Connections, real or fancied, are accentuated; as well as ideas which have basis in validity or not.  Be careful of exaggeration or bending of the truth, even for seemingly benign reasons.  A sense of urgency, bordering on hysteria may mark some moments; and accidents, injuries, or worse are possible.  People may be pushing the envelope, and any sense of disempowerment may be brought to light.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus semisquare Jupiter, Juno square Neptune, Juno tridecile Venus, Mercury square Jupiter, sextile Uranus)

Sunday, January 29
No peaking influences

Monday, January 30
Relationships, cordiality, and emotions in general are touched off deeply.  Deep connections felt can bring one to new life developments.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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