Tuesday, Jan 10
Venus and Saturn around this time are making aspects to the Nodes.  Important personal connections may be forming, with karmic issues running strong and deep.  Nodes not being actual planets, their transits are not as exact, but the last couple days these effects may have been manifesting.

Wednesday, Jan 11
No peaking influences

Thursday, Jan 12
Not a day to sit home and meditate; action, progress, and achievement are today’s themes.  A lively tone should dominate the day.  (Sun trine Mars)

Friday, Jan 13
Unusual relationship situations may be developing as well as provocative intellectual and verbal activity happening simultaneously.  Obsessive and addictive tendencies are touched off.  A real sense of perspective and viability may be present in relationships.  (Venus conjunct Neptune, trine Saturn, Mercury conjunct Pluto)

Saturday, Jan 14
Mars moves into sidereal Virgo today, a definite shift may be felt in everyone’s lives (especially in what house Virgo occupies in each person’s chart).  Then with Venus sextiling Jupiter; social, cultural, and spiritual/religious affairs will be accentuated, creating refined moment that can be channeled for future good.

Sunday, Jan 15
Episodes of hysteria and despair may occur today, but hopefully triggering an aggressive problem-solving response.  Relationships may be involved.  (Mercury quintile Saturn, tridecile Mars)

Monday, Jan 16
Optimism and inspired enthusiasm may help lighten the day and open the way for good fortune.  Be careful of over-excitement skewing perceptions, or somehow cause us to exaggerate or bend the facts.  (Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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