Technically, this week is rather quiet astrologically with an assortment of lower-mid-level configurations forming.  Next week however there will be an eclipse of the Moon on Tuesday, December 21; when the Moon “winks out” temporarily usually that means something weird or troublesome is going to occur.   I will leave space to comment on that next week.

Until then, this is my predictions column for this week.

Mon, Dec 13
There is a possibility of violence, injury, and hysteria to be an issue today.  Extremism, fanaticism, and intensity may be brought out in a number of ways in a macrocosmic as well as microcosmic way.  People may take unbecoming advantage of others, and the goals may seem to outweigh the means of arriving at them.  This whole weekend and today may be characterized by a certain frenzied excitement, which hopefully will subside quickly before it incites people to do things with regrettable consequences.  (Mars conjunct Pluto conjunct Mercury)

Tues, Dec 14
Early on feelings and connections towards others may seem more authentic than they really are, but creativity and spirituality should be enhanced states of mind.  Relationships may become vehicles for escapism more than anything else today, but in other cases a very sublime love can be shared.  (Venus tridecile Neptune)

Wed, Dec 15
Joviality and cordiality should mutually enhance each other, producing artistic, cultural, and spiritual activities.  Be careful of spending, eating, or otherwise enjoying things a little too much.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thurs, Dec 16
Hyperbole, exaggeration, and overconfident zeal may characterize behaviors today: a lot of grandiose proclamations (probably to compensate for an underlying sense of inadequacy) in the long run will not do very much.  Be careful of haste and judgments made in error.  Connections of an intellectual, verbal, or analytical nature may be occurring now; issues of selfhood, destiny and the sense of mission will arise.  (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury conjunct North Node)

Fri, Dec 17
No peaking influences

Sat, Dec 18
Sudden, stimulating, and potentially short-lived relationship situations may come about with a lot of lively cordial and amorous interaction.  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which may be very true today.  (Sun square Uranus semisquare Venus, Sun sextile Neptune)

Sun, Dec 19
A negative or dark cast may characterize the day, with events and situations reminding us of our ideas of limitation, inadequacy, or hardship that we still hang on to.  Delays, obstacles and other difficulties may slow or attempt to stop completely the progress of the day, but we are being brought face to face with issues we have neglected to address in the past and now is the perfect opportunity to “fix” them.  All that is required is that we don’t go off the deep end with entertaining emotions of despair or hopelessness.  Later on interactions should lighten up.  (Sun and Mercury quintile Saturn, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Mon, Dec 20
Tomorrow is an eclipse of the Moon, and elements of strangeness or difficulty may have to be dealt with.  There could be a sense of dissatisfaction or intolerance of other’s entering in, inciting us to make changes.  Creativity and spirituality should be enhanced as well.  Today and tomorrow could be unique meditative days.  (Mercury square Uranus, sextile Neptune)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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