Monday, Aug 6
Asteroid Juno moves into sidereal Scorpio, a shift in relationship patterns may be seen.

Tuesday, Aug 7
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Aug 8, Mercury Stationary Direct
Mercury turns direct today. Verbal and mental activities should be accentuated, and this is the traditional “green light” to move forward with business activities. Everything now has the potential to be more upfront, less subjective and therefore prone to error.

Thursday, Aug 9
Interactions and emotions may have a particularly luminous quality, presenting beautiful possibilities, but which may be fraught with disappointments. Creative and spiritual work is favored. (Venus trine Neptune)

Friday, Aug 10
No peaking influences

Saturday, Aug 11
Mars moves into the sidereal sign of Libra today, which is typically not its best sign position. A shift may be noticeable. Selfishness may be more apparent in relationships, along with a sense of disempowerment that cause people to compensate with a sense of self-righteousness or agitation. Unusual, sudden or short-lived relationships may come about today. Early on Mercury quincunxes Neptune and may bring about confusion, delusion or distortion to perceptions or thought processes; some may find sublime insights however.

Sunday, Aug 12
No peaking influences

Monday, Aug 13
The more active and intriguing aspects of relationships will be highlighted today. People may be more swayable by their unfulfilled needs and desires. (Venus tridecile Mars)

Next week, Aug 14 and 15 look to be very significant, and rather challenging for all, more to come on that….

Mercury, God of Thieves

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