Possibly Not at Critical Mass for War

by | Aug 23, 2010 | Predictions

With the exception of Monday, the 23rd of August, this week looks to be quiet from the astrological angle.  Coming off the aspects of Saturn to Pluto on Saturday, the 21st and Neptune on the 23rd the sense of human peace and complacency has been taking quite a beating. Hopefully with a few days respite from the stars, this can be a period of rejuvenation and adjustment.  Life always takes us higher, and a few plateaus in our ever ascending course are essential.  Bunker Buster Bomb

The full moon on Tuesday, the 24th can bring another sense of crescendo to affairs.  In Vedic astrology a full moon is considered quite beneficial, with the lunar substance of the mind fully illuminated by the light of the Sun.

It has been a very intense last month astrologically, and I a wrote about at length in Mounting Challenges 2009-11, the final peak of the influences will be around January 4, 2011 with a powerful eclipse of the Sun.  However one additional peak date will be September 14, 2010 with the station of Pluto.

At this point I am somewhat inclined to think that the war drums are not at the critical mass to actually start a war with Iran via the US and Israel.  Maybe everybody is just too afraid to pull the trigger, and rightfully so because such an attack (on Iran) is certain to have nearly catastrophic effects on the world economy and bring us to the brink of a literal WWIII situation.  The US has not fought as powerful an enemy since North Korea in the 50’s or Vietnam in the 60’s and 70’s; and Iran has a modern army.  The ever-belligerent nation of Israel is in possession of nuclear weapons, and the US itself has brought out the possibility of using nuclear-tipped bunker buster bombs on the underground Iranian nuclear labs which they insist are geared towards the production of nuclear weapons.

But I should think the next six months or so are going to be in the shadow of this potential world-threat, and most likely more.  The astrology however would suggest that until early 2011, it will be the critical time. Hope and pray for the best, I don’t think anyone on earth needs more wars now.

As I have been talking about lately, I’m in the process of starting a new website on current events with all content written chiefly by me.  I’ll get the chance then to write a little more comprehensively about world affairs, and I would guess its importance will even eclipse StarWorldNews.  Those are big words and we’ll see how it all turns out.  You’ll be one of the first to know about it when it’s ready.

Monday, Aug 23
Issues of anger, motivation, and breaking out of patterns of powerlessness will be brought out.  Finding your personal power can be a little shaky at first, but the shaking you’re overcoming is the quaking of fear in your psyche.  Overcome fear and you can do anything, and no one can play off any hidden psychological hang-ups you have and make you feel intimidated.  Also at issue will be despair, hopelessness, and the ultimate poverty of deceit; the universe reflects back what we put out.  As Saturn and Neptune aspect today we experience the negative consequences of energy which we put out in the past emanating from our own hypocrisy. Some will find humility, others not willing to receive that may end up dishing out a little more hypocrisy.  (Sun semisquare Mars, Saturn biquintile Neptune)

Tuesday, Aug 24
There may be some moments of exalted consciousness, and the ego trying to take a little of the glory as well.  A lot of times like these, people will say things with great ceremony and heartfelt inspiration but the energy of the intention soon passes and nothing gets done.  However those with a great momentum on putting their money where their mouth is, may go far today.  Some people may hit the “jackpot”.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Wednesday, Aug 25
No peaking influences

Thursday, Aug 26
Personal charisma and magnetism will be very strong, and if the consciousness of the individual is not sufficiently matured the real force in control may be unconscious desires and motivations and not the sovereign will of the individual, which always seem to run contrary to our real best interests.  The potential to use and abuse power is present.  (Sun trine Pluto)

Friday, Aug 27
No peaking influences

Saturday, Aug 28
Emotions and relationship dynamics will be very powerful, not necessarily of intrinsic truth or relevant, feelings will be very strong.  Deep closeness can be affected.  (Venus quintile Pluto)

Sunday, Aug 29
No peaking influences

Monday, Aug 30
Penetrative analysis will be strong today, as will be the voice and the intent behind actions.  Be careful with what you say today, it can have a tremendously profound impact on others.  Psychological or detective work should be rewarding, mysteries can be solves and well as new one comes to light.  In others the tendency to act or think compulsively or obsessively will be triggered; sexual matters may be stimulated, or possibly anything inappropriately tempting.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto)


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