Ouch, the Path to Success

by | Jul 20, 2009 | Predictions

Predictions Week of July 19, 2009

It’s going to be tough for me to do a good job on this week’s predictions, especially since my computer took a hit last week. I’m all backed up, but I’m going to have to take a few days to have my system completely wiped clean and rebuilt. Ouch, this is the path to success though.owch

This would be typical of being between eclipses this month, and being in a personal astrological cycle (Hindu dasa) of the South Node. Saturn coming up on my Mars isn’t going to help things feel any easier for me either.

There will be some major eclipses in our astrology; as I wrote about the January 4, 2011 eclipse in my ebook “Mounting Challenges 2009”; but this intervening set of eclipses seems to possibly have a forewarning message for us all. I know that I have some things to work on, and most likely you do to. This week and last events may have the outcome of helping you to see aspects of yourself that did not bring pleasure, but which you ultimately will appreciate.

I am going to briefly run down the major peak points of this week:

Tuesday, July 21: solar eclipse and Venus square Saturn: relationships may take a hit which they may not recover from; anxieties, fears, and a sense of inadequacy may cause us to see others as enemies or the causes of our problems. An unusual tone to the day may make it difficult overall as well. The spirituality of the day however will come out in what events ultimately bring us to.

Thursday, July 23, Sun quincunx Pluto, Mars quintile Uranus: obsessions and compulsions may have unusual strength to wreck havoc to our day; breakdowns or breakthroughs where appropriate will also occur. A sudden sense of hysteria or alarm may cause hasty and misfortunate actions; electronics or mechanical devices may be at risk.

Sunday, July 26, Sun semisquare Saturn: delays and difficulties may dog this day, don’t get too alarmed, just stay focused, confident, and determined to do what you need to do. Pathological behaviors may be energized; it may be easy to see things in a negative manner.



Mercury, God of Thieves

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