Astrological Portents for the week of Aug 14-20, 2007

Tue, Aug 14
What you see and think to be true could very well be an example of self-deception.  Be aware of deceitful pattern of behavior and thinking within you that allow you to avoid the hard work of realizing truth.  This little trick seemingly transforms the mundanity of everyday life, but in the mundanity of life lies the most important lessons that we need to master.  (Mercury opposite Neptune)

Wed, Aug 15
There could be a tremendous level of enthusiasm and mental amplification of the benefits of living.  You might feel almost god-like in your potential in some ways.  It really depends on what you choose to believe is true.  The emotional dimensions of the day could be deepened and intensified.  (Sun conjunct Mercury tridecile Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto)

Thur, Aug 16
Significant relationship matters may come about in a manner that is conducive to constructive action.  (Sun sextile Juno)

Fri, Aug 17
Relationships and love look to be strongly activated.  Unusual or sudden developments between people could manifest.  Tremendous verbal and intellectual power may be accessible, which of course should be used ethically.  Sun conjunct Venus, Mercury trine Pluto, Juno biquintile Uranus)

Sat, Aug 18
Astrology takes a turn as malefics line up.  Be careful of cuts, accidents and other injuries.  A darkening of outlook may occur, causing increased pessimism and opening the door to melancholic tendencies.  Ideally circumspection and realism will be enhanced in people though, some people just react to the hard work that realism demands of us.  (Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mars square Nodes)

Sun, Aug 19
Basically, the normal conscious control over our thoughts and actions may be eclipsed by strongly magnetic and emotional tendencies, what we do under those influences sometimes causes us to act in less than ethical ways.  (Sun trine Pluto)

Mon, Aug 20
Energy and motivation may be strangely affected.  You might find yourself charged with “super” human resolve because of a higher calling; or vitality may be strangely absent.  How or why you act today may be under “blurry” rationales, leaving one to wonder just who or what is in control.  (Mars tridecile Neptune)