Mar 26-Apr 2, 2006
“Nothing” happening (never does “nothing” ever happen) means what is happening is off the radar screen, is either too much in the planetary unconscious or is being kept secret by very sneaky people.  There are indications of elements of commonality being activated in large groups of people triggering concerns about their collective best interests…..

Mar 26-Apr 2, 2006
This week everybody’s dear friend Pluto stands still in the sky (stations) and then begins moving backward (retrograde).  As a rule, the slower a planet moves, the deeper and more profound its effects.  Since Pluto is the farthest planet out, it is therefore the slowest planets in the sky.  Since it will be moving backward you could say that it is really moving slowly. 


Pluto rules the bottommost, basest elements of human psychology, in fact everything that could be considered to be of the “false” self or the shadow as Jungians might call it; it also is connected with events of a profound, crisis-like nature usually accompanied by a lot of booms, crashes, weeping and wailing.  I remember well how the current US invasion of Iraq began under a Pluto station, and the effects of that move are only just beginning to manifest. 

For a few though with spiritual courage, fortitude, and forbearance find opportunity for deep personal changes, the “death” of a lesser, former version of their psyche where a “new” persona can appear.  Pluto is also associated with breakdown, decay, and corruption; things fall down when Pluto is activated. 

So on Saturday, March 31, along with Uranus making a momentous conjunction with the North Node (Rahu in Vedic astrology), Pluto turns retrograde.  At the time of this writing (Sunday, March 25, 2007) things have not appreciably changed; which can be both a blessing and a curse.  “Nothing” happening (never does “nothing” ever happen) means what is happening is off the radar screen, is either too much in the planetary unconscious or is being kept secret by very sneaky people. 

But let the days speak for themselves as we go.  Uranus moving right over the Moon’s Node portends elements of commonality being activated in large groups of people generally concerned about their collective freedom and development.  Uranus has an innate distrust of authoritarianism.  Therefore uprisings and spontaneous coming-together of people may come about arrayed against what is perceived to be abuses of power and authority. 

Will the world turn around this week, and Bush find himself in the crosshairs of impeachment?  Well, I don’t think so.  I have learned when you make a prediction you have to take into account the present state of the individual and project realistic change on them.  The vast majority of people are just too asleep and vested into the current system to readily pull away and start radical change.  But a few will become more agitated, and it is always the few who are responsible for radical change. 

The early patriots in colonial America were probably about 5 percent of the population (maybe less), but they burned their bridges behind them, took the heat, and put their lives on the line.  They won’t go along to get along, and they have a little bit of a bug in their breeches that refuses them any chance of quieting down.  This is Uranus-and-the-Node-in-Aquarius type of people. 

Did I tell you that Uranus and the Node are now in Aquarius?  They indeed are; not only that, Mars is coming up to meet with them in the last third of April 2007.   That should be interesting. 

However this configuration of freedom is burdened by the fact that Saturn right now, the ruler of the sign of Aquarius, and therefore connected to the situation, is itself debased by its position of debility in sidereal Cancer/Leo.  Maybe things will happen, but they may be prone to weakening dilutions or internal short-circuits.  Saturn is also afflicted by its close opposition from Neptune. 

You can’t just look at the planets themselves without taking into consideration their zodiacal states along with their dispositors (planets ruling the signs the planets in question are in), it is incomplete at best.  Someday the world is going to cast off the use of that lesser, less-effective tropical zodiac, and get into the REAL ASTROLOGY.  Vedic astrology is a much more perfect blend of rigorous analytical mathematics and symbolic allegory; it was produced by minds of ten times the spiritual balance and power (if not more), the Rishis, Indian saints of a previous age, than the brittle intellectualism that rules much of the world today. 

But enough of that, I did take the time out to create a very long document (which could be grammatically improved in a few places, maybe I’ll get that done) that lays out some of the most potentially pivotal configurations occurring in an already momentous interval in history.  A lot of people shout the sky is about to fall any minute, and they’ve been doing that for last 20 or so years I’ve hearing them.  Change on the world stage however seems to be a more gradual thing, defying most predictions and egos shouting for attention.  We can all take a lesson in predictions in these next few weeks, as we see what turns out. 

Mon, Mar 26
The self’s sense of identity at this time may be rather thin; it could be easily vulnerable to external subjective influences; or it may feel a temptation to act deceitfully.  Vague, negative influences may seem more real at this time, and the sensitivity to confusion and self-belittlement may be activated.  Be careful of escapist or addictive behaviors.  (Sun semisquare Neptune)

Tue, Mar 27
Relationships could be pushed beyond normal expectations with maybe a little resentment simmering underneath.  However the harmoniousness of the aspect will contribute to the ability of relationships to work jointly together.  Zeal to get together should be very strong.  (Mars trine Juno)

Wed, Mar 28
Around noontime (US time) the Moon conjuncts Mars, certainly rising up the heat of an otherwise already heated day.  Zeal and passion should be strong.  Anything will seem possible.  Grand dreams should be enhanced.  Any dream is possible, you know.  The necessary ingredients of making anything happen is a good amount of enthusiasm (in great abundance today) and an equal amount of determined application.  Nevertheless, unrealistic expansions of thoughts and ideas are possible; so be apprised that enthusiasm today may bring you to things that are not actually appropriate.  Mercury also aspecting Pluto today should add charisma and “magic” to situations as well, sometimes pushing the envelope rather aggressively.  This is a good day for mental work, creativity, and persuasion.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury quintile Pluto)

Thur, Mar 29
Love and relationships and their concerns may eclipse all other considerations.  Compulsive or obsessive anxieties around relationship may be exacerbated.  Be careful also of using relationships as an indulgence to assuage background anxieties, or any other kind of indulgence with food, spending, over-frivolity, etc.  (Venus biquintile Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Fri, Mar 30
No peaking influences. 

Sat, Mar 31
Okay if it feels like something is going on with you, let me assure you it is.  Along with the rest of us as passengers on this spaceship Earth; Pluto from our vantage point is stopped dead in the sky and Uranus conjuncts exactly the Node of the orbits of the Sun and Moon.  Basically these planets mean unsubtle ends (Pluto) and wake up calls (Uranus).  Not a little bit of subconscious innuendos may be going on and you may feel like you are on the verge of radical changes.  Old ways can’t stay around forever (as much as it would seem).  Eventually change comes, both for those prepared and unprepared.  Abuses of power should be easily observed on a large scale.  A lot of what seems to be quite powerful may be in fact little else than the crudest forms of earthly power.  The urge to make things happen should be very strong and probably shouldn’t be denied.  (Pluto stationary retrograde, Uranus conjunct North Node, Sun semisquare Mars)

Sun, Apr 1
Bold, innovative ideas may appear today, especially for those with minds already focused on solutions.  The ability to channel ideas and words into action for the common good will be enhanced and a “leveling” of the playing field can occur with regard to those who control and govern, and those who come under them.  A shattering of the old molds and cracks in the status quo may become manifest.  (Mercury conjunct Uranus and the North Node)

A full moon in this astrologically hot period can make things seem even hotter right now.  The full moon in sidereal Virgo may bring health and procedural issues to prominence.  In other areas relationships may feel quite strained and “impasses” may form.  Remember the accent is on the “feels” part of it, most troubles and difficulties exist only in the mind of the parties as they project their fears and anxieties onto the situations at question.  If you can persevere though the seemingly outrageous sins of the other person, you may find a deeper love and commitment behind it al.  (Venus square Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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