Mon, Oct 9
Relationships and communications are highlighted.  Strong karmic and spiritually purposed connections between people may come about, maybe facilitated by important messages or ideas.  Excited feelings may spark between individuals but could quickly depart.  Relationships of a less-intimate nature may form.  (Juno conjunct South Node, Venus quincunx Uranus, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Mercury semisquare Node)

Tues, Oct 10
Early on, more likely in European time zones; relationship dynamics may take on considerable power.  Be careful though that it is not the relationship that dominates instead of you over your relationships.  The sense of self today may shift or alter like a shimmering chimera, presenting intriguing possibilities but also irrelevant distractions.  What one is and wants today may be at issue.  If you focus and meditate on these things today something new may emerge in your understanding/picture of yourself.  (Sun trine Neptune, biquintile Uranus; Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury trine Uranus)

Wed, Oct 11
[No Peaking Influences]

Thurs, Oct 12
The ability to focus and work hard towards goals should be very strong, as well as the ability to deal with delays and obstacles with at least some equanimity.  Today will be good for channeling energy through bones and muscles: weight lifting, yoga, etc.  There may be some hindrances experienced today, and some initial frustration may be felt; but the opportunity to gain patience is present today, even as you continue to work.  (Mars sextile Saturn)

Fri, Oct 13
Later today romance and love should wax strongly between people with as much hope as anything else.  Hope is of course eternally present.  The light that you see in a special person today may represent the hope with which you can apply to yourself as well.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sat, Oct 14
Very early on, more in the European time zones; unusual and sudden relationship situations may come about.  It would be best here if you do not try to “capture and contain” the other person for fear that they may go away.  In letting go of things do we really find them.  (Venus biquintile Uranus)

Sun, Oct 15
The ability to press on to winning the goal is intensified today with the aspects forming between Mars and Pluto.  These energies are best kept focused on strategic and ethical goals since the influence of Pluto (and Mars) can cause over-aggression and the tendency to abuse or use others inconsiderately.  Anger, proper boundaries to the use of force, and sexuality are highlighted today.  The proper meaning of words, thoughts, and ideas may be at issue as well, since the aspect also today between Mercury and Neptune can highly increase the subjectivity and relativity of truth.  A neglectful attitude in regards to the perception and communication of truth today could cause major trouble.  Don’t guess or “estimate” things today; double check your facts.  In rare instances, you may find powerful inspiration.  (Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury square Neptune)

Mon, Oct 16
Early on you may find a strong organizing, stabilizing, and moderating force present which you can apply to your advantage.  The sense of selfhood may come into clear balance.  In other areas there could be alliances forming that have under- or over-tones of anger, but nevertheless are geared towards making things happen.  You may be feeling strong motivation for change.  (Sun sextile Saturn, Mars quincunx Node)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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