Mon, Oct 6
An abundance of energy and audacity could make this a memorable day, but once out the gate sustaining and directing this intention over the long haul is another matter. Later relationships may cool into workable states. (Sun square Jupiter, Mars quintile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus sextile Saturn)

Tue, Oct 7
There could be a crescendo in relationships today, underscored by conflicts between desire and what is possible to manifest.  (Venus square Nodes)

Wed, Oct 8
No peaking influences.

Thur, Oct 9
Deep and powerful motivations may arise, but action may be afflicted by hard to define blockages.  Beware of opportunistic intimidation.   (Mars tridecile Neptune, Sun quintile Pluto)

Fri, Oct 10
Alarm and hysteria could temporarily derail otherwise controlled situations, unusual and/or short-lived relationships may ensue. (Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus trine Uranus)

Sat, Oct 11
A beguiling sort of affection may arise today, seeming to offer more than is really there.  More likely, there will be layers of self-deception and self-destructive routines at play in affairs today.  (Venus square Neptune)

Sun, Oct 12
This can be a cordial day, but also with the potentials for eruptions of emotions and events that can get us most despairing.  (Mercury semisquare Venus, Saturn quincunx Node)

Mon, Oct 13
No peaking influences.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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