Mon, Oct 30
Today Mercury swings back around and reconnects with Jupiter from last week, providing hopefully a bright respite from what could have been a trying weekend.  Social contacts and intellectual matters should be stimulated.  Persuasion could be quite effective.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Tue, Oct 31, Halloween
[No Peaking Influences]

Wed and Thurs, Nov 1 and 2
A combination of emotional intensity and dynamic tension astrologically right now may make this the most developmental period of the week.  Tragically the depths of anguish potentially associated with configurations like these can mean crisis and catastrophe for some, whether it be having your luggage stolen on vacation to losing your family in war.  But as always for every weighty human struggle somewhere there is a co-equal solemn determination for constructive change elsewhere.  This may be a good period to engage the bones and muscles for cathartic release; frustration levels may be high.  The ability to constructively channel personal energy may be strongly enhanced.  In some areas the temptation to feel as a law unto oneself, in other words to deify the ego, will be strong.  Actions stemming from such hubris (or in truth, vanity) therefore do not bode well in the long run.  Later, more towards Thursday, it might be good to curb your less-controlled habits of thought and action.  (Mars quintile Saturn, Sun semisquare Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Fri, Nov 3
You might feel open to new directions in life, and your dependency on social structures (now maybe becoming a trifle outworn) should be less.  The amazing paradox of individuality and the collective, whereby they reinforce each other may become more apparent today.  (Sun trine Uranus)

Sat, Nov 4
[No Peaking Influences]

A full moon in Aries certainly enervates the consciousness, amplifies impetuosity, and raises the stakes for crisis and calamity (Aries is ruled by Mars, a malefic).  Be careful of injuries to the head, cuts, burns, etc.  Mars itself is making an aspect to the Nodes for the next few days, reinforcing the above.  Positively, the desire to move forward in constructive self-interest is stimulated, as well as the fiery zeal to pursue our spiritual desires.  In other areas, communications in relationships are highlighted; developmental opportunities may arise.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno, Full Moon in sidereal Aries)

Mon, Nov 6
The sublime and deep love you may be feeling right now may be engendered in part by a desire for escapism, and therefore elements of disappointment probably are present which will manifest in due time.  That is, relationships may promise the Sun, Moon, and stars right now, but it may simply be an overcompensation for a real lack of self-confidence in one or both parties.  Also right now Mars and Saturn make aspects to the Nodes; this is hard to pin down timing-wise since the Nodes are not really physical planets, but mathematical abstractions.  Nevertheless with Mars and Saturn stress levels rise, as do danger levels to body and mind.  (Venus square Neptune, Mars minor aspect to Nodes, Saturn quincunx North Node)

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