The “hits” keep coming as the cycles are unfolding.  If nothing occurs observably on the surface of life for the world certainly there will be developments occurring internally in the planetary psyche.  It’s kind of an astrological mixed bag, a lot of percolation on a planetary level. 

On Wednesday, Oct 25 a feeling of inhibition, but undeniable hope could be brought about by a square between Jupiter and Saturn.  This influence should last a few days before and after the peak on Wednesday.  Hopefully this will also muffle the war drums of the strong conjunction of the Sun and Mars on Monday that was referred to extensively in last week’s report. 

Another after effect may be a distortion of truth for expediency’s sake at this time; and this effect will undoubtedly be amplified by the station (standing still in the sky) of Neptune on Sunday, Oct 29.  Strange, hard to define, and unsettling emotions and energies may descend upon the planet. 

That will be spiritual food for the mystically inclined of us (namely SWN readers); for others (and we’re not immune) our tendencies to rationalize and project false hopes and deitizations on people, situations and things will be activated.  The tendency to act in self-defeating manners will likewise be sensitized.  A lot of people may just feel listless and in a twilight netherworld. 

Of course when we find ourselves in a twilight netherworld, there is not much we CAN do at times like that except use our faith as our guide to continue to steer us, and to give the conscience of the heart somewhat more credence thereby stimulating our latent intuitive senses.  Letting go of CONTROL of course is such a hard thing; that means someone or something else is in control. With faith as the evidence of things not seen, the invisible tethers to angelic and masterful forces take us unerringly towards our higher goals. 

Those with physical sensitivities, allergies, and chronic conditions may find themselves at low ebb. Those who live for the most part in fantasy worlds; novels, comics (lol), sci-fi, movies, romances, TV, addictions, and are quite dependent on them may go “off the deep end” somewhat during this time. God help the world of course at this time as heavy-duty addicts, self-absorbed, and spiritually depraved individuals run the world at this time. 

It is almost trite to mention in light of the above, but also it should be known that on Saturday, Oct 28 (just one day before Neptune’s station) Mercury takes a 3-week detour backwards (retrogrades).  This means officially truth, perception, and analytical abilities will be hampered more than the usual amount by unresolved subconscious problems.  Consequently, major new initiatives get the astrological red light; or at least a caution yellow. Otherwise don’t get too upset about it. 

As note to readers: I have been a little bit quiet lately.  Some new changes to creative and business life have been developing in the last few weeks; stirred undoubtedly by some intense spiritual work I was doing a few weeks and months ago. Star World News may undergo a transformation into more of a blog-type of site, and I will be rolling out some very exciting and down to earth ventures. 

I’d like you all to know that as I propitiated the heavenly forces of abundance, grace, and illumination; not too long afterwards new, more practical opportunities started to come my way.  I finally was able to complete the book that I have been writing for the last couple of years.  That book is now available on the website, but will be getting a new title and its own website shortly.  The completion of the book led me naturally into other new areas. 

I find it amazing though that the value of things can be as much in the learning, endeavoring, and making progress to goals; as it is in the attainment of the goals itself.  The real source of riches is within me of course; the world is merely a vehicle for its expression.  Yes I may be quiet a little bit for now, but I am studying and working diligently on a few things; happily, I might add; like a hermit.  😉  


Sun and Mon, Oct 22 and 23
If they haven’t started already, things surely are brewing by now for the world. Planetary influences now indicate zeal and fervor possibly boiling over, but some strangeness may cause things not to come out as expected.  Possibly also the influence of Neptune today will undermine efforts.  Some may feel inspired, others depressed. Some positive new developments may occur, and there could be some moments of intense excitement.  (Sun, Venus, Mars conjunct tridecile Neptune; Mercury square Saturn conjunct Jupiter; Jupiter tridecile Uranus) 

Tues and Wed, Oct 24 & 25
A halting, somewhat anxious feeling may settle out at this time.  There may be delays and obstacles to overcome; but important for you to meditate on.  You may find great illumination as you pause to figure out how to get around certain problems.  In other areas the sparks of love will be flying like from a welder’s arc lamp.  The urge to merge physically, emotionally, and spiritually may temporarily eclipse all other considerations.  Inasmuch as I find that people can have great passion in the beginning; it turns to something entirely after a while.  The lesson: choose your partners well, restrain your biological impulses, and maybe enjoy the “chase” somewhat detachedly.  (Jupiter square Saturn, Venus conjunct Mars)

Thurs, Oct 26
[No Peaking Influences]

Fri, Oct 27
Relationship situations are highly stimulated, be careful that what you see in another you really need to see in yourself.  Some people you meet up with right now could sorely disappoint down the road; a few of them though might be highly creative/spiritual in their outlook.  (Sun conjunct Venus, Juno sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Sat and Sun, Oct 28 & 29
That screeching sound you hear right now is the planets Mercury and Neptune stopping dead in the sky this weekend.  Interesting situations may be coming about, certainly more so on a subjective level.  The Neptunian influence could bring on physical weakness, sickness and overall disorientation.  Meditative and contemplative opportunities may abound however.  Relationships today may hit some rocks in the road, and an acutely felt emotional soberness may pervade that could be spurred by events.  These events and situations however are for your benefit, showing you what needs fixing now.  (Neptune stationary direct, Mercury stationary retrograde, Sun and Venus quintile Saturn)

Mon, Oct 30
Today Mercury swings back around and reconnects with Jupiter from last week, providing hopefully a bright respite from what could have been a trying weekend.  Social contacts and intellectual matters should be stimulated.  Persuasion could be quite effective.  (Mercury conjunct Jupiter)


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