Oct 2-9: The Moon Knight’s Waxing Strength

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 Back in the days of my youth, my brother and I were very avid comic book readers and collectors.  Superheroes were our thing; one minor one in particular I remember in light of our current astrology, the Moon Knight. 



OVERVIEW: The Moon Knight’s Waxing Strength
Back in the days of my youth, my brother and I were very avid comic book readers and collectors.  Superheroes were our thing; one minor one in particular I remember in light of our current astrology, the Moon Knight.  


The Moon Knight was a mercenary who had a run-in and a minor bite from a werewolf.  Consequently his “power” is that his strength and agility is in proportion to the current phase of the Moon.  During a full moon he had the strength of ten men, during a new moon he was practically “normal” and everything in between.  I think Moon Knight comics are still being published. 

(I admit that the above graphic of the Moon Knight is rather "dark", but hopefully the reader will indulge me as I attempt to vary the displays of my pages Wink )

This is sort of the idea I try to convey when I write about the phases of the Moon, specifically new and full moons.  The ancients considered a full moon to be literally ripened with spiritual strength and virtue.  They also considered that the Moon represented the mind, and people were mentally at their peak during this time.  It certainly seems that people feel more alive during the times of a full moon, for higher spiritual work full moons are considered to be full of energetic potency that can be channeled. 

This week we are coming into a full moon that peak on Friday, Oct 6 in the sign of Pisces.  This will be the same sign axis that the recent solar eclipse was in.  Eclipses are considered (and have proven to be) significant in highlighting times of societal change. 

With the recent giving of the Congress to the President of almost unlimited power to detain and prosecute individual without proof of crime, the further solidifying of the US government’s intent to preemptively attack Iran, official military condemning of US occupation of Iraq, and the recent rashes of school shootings; it would seem these last few weeks have had events of pivotal significance.  Inasmuch as the powers that been literally write the script for the way the world goes, the flow of events still are governed by the larger cycles of the universe which astrology measures. 

All in all for this week the peak time of astrological activity will be over Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 4 and 5; the full moon probably will have the effect of carrying the intensity of all affairs through the weekend.  Next week Saturn moves into the sidereal sign of Leo, moving away from Neptune in Capricorn and starting now to aspect Uranus in Aquarius.  Presumably there will be a lessening of ideological subversion and a move towards some innovative and progressive societal or governmental trends with this new configuration of Saturn. 

Mon, Oct 2
[No Peaking Influences] 

Tues, Oct 3
This is a good day for wasting time, spending money frivolously, or engaging in relationship interactions that themselves could be considered to be frivolous, dissipative, or superficial.  But for the earnest of us, this could be a day of artistic, cultural, or spiritual gain.  The bonds that that connect us to each other may be enlarged.  (Venus semisquare Jupiter)

Wed, Oct 4
Many different influences present today: some spontaneous and action stirring, others boundary dissolving and inspiring.  Be careful about potential accident or conflict-inciting situations, but at the same time there could be some profound payoffs to being edgy and willing to court danger.  The urge to act also may have unselfish motivations, but also unclearly defined ones (which can be dangerous).  Relationship connections may present enticing and beautiful possibilities, but there could be an untruthful and delusory aspect to them.  There could be obstacles to communications, or an overly pessimistic outlook that needs to be overcome.  (Mars biquintile Uranus, Sun quincunx Uranus, Mercury quintile Saturn, Mars trine Neptune, Juno biquintile Neptune)

Thurs, Oct 5
The feeling of personal power and the ability to control or manipulate others may be strong.  Relationships however may present difficulties that need to be jointly overcome without getting into the ravages of shame and blame.  Breakthroughs or breakdowns of walls of limitation may occur today, just as well breakdowns of the fortifications of the human ego may occur today, even painfully but necessarily so.  You may find great inner drive to activate and execute your special reason for being today.  You may find who is and is not your true friend today.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Venus semisquare Saturn)

Full moons are considered to be times of high energetic activity.  All human endeavors should be appropriately blessed including communications and interactions.  The Pisces placement of the Moon today should highlight issues of service, compassion, and release. 

Sat, Oct 7
Relationship dynamics today could be on the compulsive or obsessive side.  The very strong desire to get together may eclipse all other reasoning and common sense.  What may be felt so strongly and to your core today; may be something else entirely tomorrow.  Strong feelings are fickle, but there are more to relationships than that such as the ability to jointly overcome obstacles, a purposed goal in the relationship, and humility of each party.  (Juno square Pluto)

Sun, Oct 8
[No Peaking Influences]

Mon, Oct 9
Relationships and communications are highlighted.  Strong karmic and spiritually purposed connections between people may come about, maybe facilitated by important messages or ideas.  Excited feelings may spark between individuals but could quickly depart.  Relationships of a less-intimate nature may form.  (Juno conjunct South Node, Venus quincunx Uranus, Mercury semisquare Pluto, Mercury semisquare Node)


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