Nov 6-13: Elections, Pastors, and Idiocracy

by | Nov 6, 2006 | Predictions

There is certainly a lot to comment about these days in the news: the upcoming election, continuing quagmirazation of the Iraq war, and even celebrity news.  I wish I had more time to write about those things these days and hopefully that situation will change soon. 

I saw the movie “Idiocracy” this weekend and I highly recommend it, if only because the sly humor but very poignant commentary that the content of the movie conveys.  Just how many of the people you know in your work situation resemble the people in “Idiocracy”?  We really are an idiocracy more than we like to think. 

In light of the coming elections and probable vote fraud that put Bush into the White House in 2000 and 2004; just getting out to vote is not the answer.  The first thing to do is to divorce yourself from the electromagnetic field from your television set that literally seeks to control and warp you mind.  The Internet is the last bastion of truth and freedom of information. 

Don’t just believe what you hear because somebody who projects an image of authority says so.  Investigate it for yourself.  Look to the “other side” of the debate.  Learn to recognize when someone is distracting you from the truth.  You can’t do very much to change the world at any given moment, but there is no doubt that you can change yourself whenever you decide to. 

If you can convince yourself of the truth, then by the law of extension (read about that in my book) you can convince others of the truth.  The effect of your actions has a powerful and invisible effect on the world around you.  As more and more people start to think for themselves instead of fall into the illusions of the world, then a new age of peace and enlightenment will begin. 

Having said that, the recent allegations about Pastor Ted Haggard, the recently-resigned leader of the National Association of Evangelicals and pastor of the New Life Church, having sexual liaisons with a male prostitute and drug use means a lot to us. 

Christian fundamentalists (or Islamic fundamentalists for that matter) deal with life in a very absolutist manner.  They try to micromanage society into an invulnerable model of perfection.  Force, willpower, and the rule by fear is their modus operandi.  They would tell you that their message is that of love; but open-mindedness and tolerance would seem to be recognized by them as weakness.  Further, if you are not totally with them, you are against them.  Any threat to the doctrinal citadel is tantamount to all out war. 

So now as the allegation have come out Haggard wrote a letter to his congregation confessing of his “problems”, and those problems would seem to be that he was not the perfect, upright man.  Maybe if he was not so hard on himself, he would not have engaged in such pathological behavior.  By pathological here I mean he outwardly condemned and shamed homosexuality, but he allegedly engaged in it (along with drug use) secretly. 

If he didn’t preach such a hard line, maybe would not have set up for himself such a terrific fall.  Maybe he sought to repress his baser instincts by condemning them in others.  Repression however has a way of turning back on those who deal it out.  We all are literally children of heaven, but we are all afflicted with the madnesses of the world. 

Same-sex marriage to me is a minor issue.  It would seem that those raising the most noise against it are afraid that the whole world is going to turn gay, which it won’t. 

Maybe those who raise their voices loudly against homosexuality, same-sex marriages, and the like are afraid that the whole world will turn gay because they themselves harbor strong gay thoughts and feelings.  Pastor Haggard’s situation would seem to corroborate that idea.  Think about it; when someone starts to rail loudly against someone or something; it may be because they are subconsciously trying to project their guilt for those very same behaviors/traits in themselves onto someone else? 

Be tolerant friends.  Go easy on yourself.  Don’t think you’re a horrible sinner or marginalize yourself against others; you just like to kick yourself, that’s all.  If you don’t kick yourself, then by extension you won’t kick others and the world will be a much more peaceful place.  Love means that you don’t go overboard condemning others or yourself.  That is my sermon for the week. 

The Astrology:
The most highly stressful astrologically days this week look to be Tuesday, Nov 7 and Thursday, Nov 9; but probably the most highly problematical will be Thursday.  Election Day this year coincides with a linkup between Mars and Pluto, which are not the most ethically pure planets out there. Vote for whomever you like, but those who run the voting machines may still make the major decisions anyway. 

Focus your efforts on the local level.  A government of the people, by the people and FOR the people is not an easy thing.  People like to call us a democracy, like it means something pure and good but it is meaningless.  We are a republic, government by representatives of the people.  Do not let the use of buzz words succeed in beguiling you from you chance to contribute to the American political process. 

Mon, Nov 6
The sublime and deep love you may be feeling right now may be engendered in part by a desire for escapism, and therefore elements of disappointment probably are present which will manifest in due time.  That is, relationships may promise the Sun, Moon, and stars right now, but it may simply be an overcompensation for a real lack of self-confidence in one or both parties.  Also right now Mars and Saturn make aspects to the Nodes; this is hard to pin down timing-wise since the Nodes are not really physical planets, but mathematical abstractions.  Nevertheless with Mars and Saturn stress levels rise, as do danger levels to body and mind.  (Venus square Neptune, Mars minor aspect to Nodes, Saturn quincunx North Node)

The urge to act, to make things happen, and to prove your own valor and competence thereby will be strongly activated.  You may feel tempted to push the limits of appropriateness to gain your goals, for you may feel a law unto yourself. Nevertheless you’ll find great energy which you can channel into constructive action; to move mountains, to set the world on fire, as it were.  Communications of a tactful nature are energized, and it would be a good day to polish your social graces; which you will need for the previous part of this entry.  Some good fortune is in order also with the conjunction of two benefics, Mercury and Venus.  Don’t forget to vote?  Don’t forget to think! (Mars semisquare Pluto, Mercury conjunct Venus)

Wed, Nov 8
For those in European time zones early in the day the perception of truth may be afflicted by personal projections of hopes and dreams making objectivity difficult. Inasmuch as the power of the mind may be able to affect outer material things, which can be miraculous; a danger today maybe negative, undermining psychological patterns may overly influence the involvement of the mind in your affairs.  A predisposition to see yourself as a “loser” may indeed materialize, if only because you think it; and it therefore negatively affects the outcome of events.  So strive to see the good, that is, the GOD in people, events, and situations today and you may be blessed.  The trine between Mars and Uranus today will introduce new and unusual means for self-development, and the excitement levels they produce in you may be quite high and insistent on you to take action.  (Mercury square Neptune, Mars trine Uranus)

Thurs, Nov 9
Be careful of self-delusion and the tendency to undermine yourself.  What seems real may be in fact completely wrong, despite your convictions at this moment.  Physical vitality and resistance may be low; chronic conditions may temporarily flare.  The tendency to use substances or chemicals could have dangerous consequences right now.  In other areas though, spiritual ardor may burn hot; bold actions based on spiritual predilections may prove illuminating, especially as you persevere with them.  (Sun square Neptune)

Fri, Nov 10
[No Peaking Influences]

Sat, Nov 11
Unusual and exciting relationships situations may come about today.  Probably it would be best not to be too attached to them either, for they might evaporate before you eyes.  With Uranus in aspect to Venus relationships will have a strong independent, non-possessive quality to them.  Uranus gives spontaneity to relationships, trying to control its energy makes if flee.  The excitement of the day is further enhanced by the conjunction of Mercury and Mars, which will amp up irritability and impulsivity, not to mention recklessness.  Vigorous vocal self-expression is possible, which should most probably be channeled constructively taking advantage of Mars’ inherent organizational abilities.  (Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus tridecile Uranus, Venus semisquare Juno)

Sun, Nov 12
Yesterday’s relationship developments may take an abrupt turn today as Venus squares Saturn.  Problems and difficulties in relating to the other person will crop up many times through the agency of circumstances that test the patience, commitment, and validity of love for everybody.  Separations may develop in what otherwise will be important junctures in relationships overall.  Don’t let the transitory albeit extremely painful moments in human relationships dissuade you from a great thing, pain fades more quickly than you think.  What really hurts more is the resistance to change and adjustment, and people can resist change all their lives!  (Venus square Saturn)

Mon, Nov 13
New and innovative ideas may roll off the tongue, pen, or keyboard today; especially as they pertain to freedom, the upliftment of society, and the brotherhood of man.  Technological or scientific advancements could come about.  (Mercury trine Uranus)

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April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
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April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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