A peak of developmental tension and stress will be on Tues, Nov 28.  This will be as Mars in its rulership in sidereal Scorpio makes an exact square (very stressful aspect) to Saturn very debilitated in sidereal Leo.   We all want to move forward briskly, it gives us a feeling of strength, power, and significance. 

Of course when things don’t move as we envisioned, it is troubling to us, almost an affront to our pride and we are “justifiably” angry. 


The reason why things don’t happen is because of a couple things:


1.     It was not meant to happen, we can’t prevail against the greater flow of the universe. Our actions are ill-conceived. 

2.     What we intend to happen actually involves more than we originally calculated, and therefore it demands more time and application on our part. Rome was not built in a day, as they say. 

3.     We are subconsciously conflicted over, or unsure about what we want to happen; therefore not much happens. 


These are the kind of dynamics symbolized by the current square of Mars and Saturn.  When our plans do not seem to manifest, very strong emotional turbulence arises and a number of things can happen:


  1. People can throw up their hands and quit, blaming everyone but themselves for the collapse of the endeavor. 
  2. They can decide to take matters “into their own hands” and set up an alternative, but ultimately ineffective solution. 
  3. They can refuse to give up their original hope and dream and press on, successfully moving on to deeper levels of their own subconscious and clearing the way for a tremendous success. 
  4. People can also learn to be detached to fruition of their efforts and actually attain an unassailable peace, and consequently a greater effectiveness of action and manifestation. 

 Time (Saturn’s alter-ego) will do these things, especially the last. Saturn says, “This is the way it is”, laying down the law, hopefully for our edification.  Ripping away the fetters to our illusory ego, Saturn sets us free to soar in the liberating effects of cosmic law.   

It is quite interesting to me now that Saturn has recently moved into sidereal Leo in the last few weeks, coinciding with the disappointments to the Republicans in the US Congress, as to what this could portend for the US and world at large. 

In the next week or so I hope to publish an in-depth article about this latest astrological development, but this week’s square to transiting Saturn could gives us some preview as to the larger implications of Saturn in Leo, which is now making major aspect to Uranus in sidereal Aquarius   

Right now Mars in Scorpio is pulling up emotional motivation for change and transformation, and exposing some of the worst of our tendencies to use and abuse power; it actually is a positive manifestation for Mars since it is now in its rulership.  The action of this upon Saturn debilitated in Leo can possibly bring up past misuses of authority on our parts and with other major players as well.   

This dynamic probably will only continue and peak next week as Saturn makes a retrograde station next Tues, Dec. 5.  This will have the effect of producing planetary-wide seriousness, proneness to negativity of outlook, and hardship; and this influence should start to bear by the weekend, if not sooner.   

Mon, Nov 27
Relationships could hit rocky areas, but which are really commitment-cementing opportunities.  With the Sun in aspect to Neptune today the sense of selfhood could be extremely vague and boundaries very porous; vitality and health could be at low ebb, and the tendency to act strangely or dishonestly could be stimulated.  On the other extreme if the self is more porous and vague than usual, the ego has less power and therefore connection to spiritual sources is enhanced.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus tridecile Saturn)  

Tue, Nov 28
Frustrations and confusions may abound today.  The temptation to feel dejection of mind is enhanced.  Be extremely careful of situations were facts, figures, and perceptions are critical; or where life and limb are at risk.  This could be a tough one, don’t take too much personally or offense from others today.  Finding peace and patience in the face of intractable situations will go a long way, others observing you will help propagate the sentiment.  (Mars square Saturn, Mercury square Neptune) 

Wed, Nov 29
Unusual and/or powerful relationship situations and emotions will be present.  Sometimes feelings between people, or what one feels for another may be strong but not necessarily accurate, relevant in the greater scheme of things, or worthwhile.  In fact they could be downright dangerous in their brazenness and disregard for other measures of appropriateness.  (Juno quintile Pluto) 

Thur, Nov 30
The emotion of love should be quite ethereal, refined, and selfless.  The glow of wonder you perceive about a special person, may simply be misplaced love for God put upon a person.  Refined artistic perception is temporarily enhanced; this may be a very productive day for creative people.  (Venus sextile Neptune) 

Fri, Dec 1
[No Peaking Influences] 

Sat, Dec 2
Problems with authority and social conventions may flare today.  The urge to be free from restriction (whether only perceived or not) may interfere with orderly proceedings.  (Sun square Uranus) 

Sun, Dec 3
[No Peaking Influences] 

The Moon representing the mind receives the full illumination of the Sun’s (divinity’s) rays.  Your full potentials are activated, and you may feel quite lively.  As sidereal Taurus/Scorpio and their rulers in your chart are situation may foretell how this next few days will go for you.  At the same time however, the square of Mercury and Saturn may sour and darken everyone’s disposition, hopefully however bringing us to the point of determined adjustment.  Analytical powers may be amplified, to the point of extreme (criticism).  Go easy on yourself and others.  Venus now moving into square to the Nodes also brings important relationship situations into play.  Saturn turns retrograde tomorrow; the worldwide tone could be tense, harsh, and problematic.  (Full Moon, Mercury square Saturn, Venus square Nodes)