Tue, Nov 21
Emotions should be high, indefatigable optimism is possible.  Sometimes you have to believe in the impossible to prove that there is still some magic in the world.  The magic is within you of course, you are a living miracle.  A fully self-realized man today can accomplish much; and it’s better if he does those things instead of boasts of them.  Relationships also are going to be touched, higher strains of love coming through but be careful that you don’t lend too much credence to what basically is an inappropriate or inadequate person or situation.  (Sun conjunct Jupiter, Venus quintile Neptune) 

Wed, Nov 22
Early on the penetration of the mind into areas heretofore mysterious or unreachable is possible right now; and this is a situation that is by nature exposes you to areas that are still rather obsessive or compulsive to you.  New ideas are possible, especially if they are directed trans-personally to the interests of your tribe, group, or nation.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto, trine Uranus) 

Thur, Nov 23
[No Peaking Influences] 

Fri, Nov 24
[No Peaking Influences] 

Sat, Nov 25
Unusual and highly exciting relationship situations may come about; be careful not to want to covet or control those situations, which kills their spark.  People and situations may have an unpredictable or somewhat dangerous quality to them.  Going off half-cocked could result in trouble; suppressed anger may suddenly come out of you causing conflicts, accidents, or injuries.  Learning also to take resolute action without hesitation may also be an important lesson today.  (Venus square Uranus, Mars tridecile Uranus) 

Sun, Nov 26
[No Peaking Influences] 

Mon, Nov 27
Relationships could hit rocky areas, but which are really commitment-cementing opportunities.  With the Sun in aspect to Neptune today the sense of selfhood could be extremely vague and boundaries very porous; vitality and health could be at low ebb, and the tendency to act strangely or dishonestly could be stimulated.  On the other extreme if the self is more porous and vague than usual, the ego has less power and therefore connection to spiritual sources is enhanced.  (Sun quintile Neptune, Venus tridecile Saturn)