Mars, Uranus, Pluto, T-Square

This week is moderate to strongly challenging in its astrology, and it may be a pivotal week on an individual and collective level.  I’ve endeavored to break it down in the daily portion of this article below, but the gist of it is explained by its central configuration: a Pluto t-square with Mars and Uranus on the perpendicular.  Click the image below to see full size. 

Mars: this is the planet that draws out and sort of “takes over” our unresolved issues regarding disempowerment, and it seeks to correct the perceived lack of power thereof by telling us that we have to become righteously indignant and swift and terrible in our responses to the situation at hand, seeking to balance one extreme with another extreme.  

July 2012 Mars, Uranus, Pluto T-SquareUranus is the planet that draws out and takes over our dissatisfactions, senses of injustice, and our intolerance of the perceived lack of freedom to pursue our unique callings; and it tells us to respond with a certain lightning-like status-quo-disrupting force, seeking to break free of heretofore accepted limiting and/or repressing influences.  

A planet’s presence will occasionally “seize” us and kind of work through us.  This is definitely not to say that we abdicate responsibility for what the planet’s influence over us will cause us to do, astrological energies definitely do influence us, but how we act on them is solely up to us.  

Pluto is the planet that draws out and takes over our harder to control impulses coming from the little understood unconscious world, and seeks to make us act in ways that may feel vicariously satisfying, but which may be ultimately enslaving and limiting, because it acts upon our lower, more egoic impulses.  Lower egoic impulses tend to create karma, which further binds us to that situation.  

Now there are many great things that can arise from this configuration, but the accomplishment of said things is not for the faint of heart who may be afraid to get their hands a little “dirty” in the process.  Bear in mind also this is a typical “crisis/catastrophe” astrological configuration, which usually manifests on an emotional level collectively, but on a very physical level for a select others.  

Therefore, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 17-19, 2012, look to be a peak of potential crisis, alarm, and quick, all encompassing resolving measures.  Don’t be too surprised when all else has to be put on hold to fix some emergency or crisis.  

Very interestingly, I can see multiple additional stresses upon this configuration from other planets.  The Sun and Neptune will make fifth harmonic aspects to Mars and Uranus (quintile, biquintile and tridecile specifically).  The resulting figure may be hard to make sense of, but anyone can see that there are a lot of malefic planets interacting over those three days. 

Hold on, things may seem to get out of control or overwhelming, and the temptation may be to panic and do something that you regret afterwards.  Stay centered, if you really need to do anything, you will know without a doubt what to do and how, brute force never will replace wisely considered action.  

Monday, July 16, Juno Stationary Direct
Juno, asteroid connected with relationship matter, turns direct today. Hopefully marital and other relationship matters will get a little boost, sending things to a more obviously good destination.

Tuesday, July 17
Pushing the envelope and acting in anti-social, threatening or overly opportunitistic ways are accentuated.  A sense of reckless adventurism may cause trouble.  Be careful of being in risk zones: war zones, high crime areas, physically dangerous situations, accidents, injuries, etc.  Be careful of pushing thing to the point of breakdown unnecessarily.  (Mars square Pluto, trine Jupiter)

Wednesday, July 18
Be careful of accidents, injuries, or worse continuing yesterday’s trend.  Basically all potential problematical areas may be vulnerable to “go off”, accompanied by no small amount of psychological issue confrontation/avoidance behaviors.  Rationalizations, audacity and misguided beliefs may be a part of the inflammation of problems here.  Deceitful, addictive, and self-defeating agendas may be operative.  Sudden or unexpected crisis may complicate things, but hopefully the individual can pull out some bold resolutions, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.  (Mars opposite Uranus, Jupiter quincunx Pluto, Sun quintile Mars, Sun biquintile Neptune, Sun tridecile Uranus)

Thursday, July 19
Energy and motivation may be very inconveniently absent.  Malice may be hiding behind a disguise of beneficence or spirituality.  Physical vitality may be down, as well as resistance to disease, etc.  For others courage born of compassion may grow.  (Mars biquintile Neptune)

Friday, July 20
Seemingly difficult or insurmountable problems or issues may tax or kill completely enthusiasm or motivation.  Delays or obstacles may dog projects and enterprises.  However, this is an extremely important time as critical vulnerabilities are brought to light, and if they aren’t resolved, no real progress will be possible in the future.  Organized problem solving is favored.   (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury quintile Saturn)

Saturday, July 21
Excitement and enthusiasm may characterize the day, potentials for the future may tantalize the mind.  It may be a pleasant distraction, but proactive people may have pen in hand while all these amazing visions pass before their mind.  🙂  (Jupiter sextile Uranus)

Sunday, July 22
Bold action may characterize the day.  There may be a tendency to be provocative and challenging, prodding the tyranny of the status quo.  (Mercury sextile Mars)

Monday, July 23
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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