North Korean Bluster, White House Blunder

by | Jul 11, 2006 | Current Events

The Astrology of the North Korean Missle Test Firing. 

On July 4, Korean President Kim Jong-Il test fired ten missiles, presumably just to provoke the US and make the White House scurry around like predictable squirrels. 

I called it a little differently in Astro-Success saying that that time period would move “from the outlandish to the ridiculous”  With almost perfect timing Jupiter turned direct just as the missile test was launched. 

This now becomes a great press op for the White House to prove that the world requires a strong and aggressive US military policy.  Japan now announces that it is considering a pre-emptive strike against North Korea. 

Remember though as this occurs under the shadow of Jupiter’s accentuated movements that not a little bluster, bluffing, and expanded senses of self-importance could be involved. 

I’ve noticed a lot more traffic to my recent “world-predictions” pages no doubt as a result of the media flurry about this episode.  I would say that this episode of world affairs is more surface oriented with the influence of Jupiter, while there are still deeper issues and forces at work, which are symbolized by the upcoming configurations of Saturn and Neptune. 

I have recently written about Saturn and Neptune and their pointing to the very deliberate use of worldwide deception to move the world’s perceptions along a path that is more amenable to the world-elite-intelligencia’s goals.

Let’s keep a few things in mind:

  • North Korea probably takes orders from China. 
  • China and Russia probably still do work hand in hand to an extent against their old enemies in the west. 
  • The US can beat any third world dictatorship any day on the field; but it seems to shy away from any sorts of confrontations with Russia, China, or their allies North Korea or Cuba; which actually do seem to hold more tangible threats against the mainland US. 
  • The US probably could not handle a crisis in North Korea, especially being so deployed in the Middle East physically as well as financially; and the astute Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans know this. 
  • The Russians and Chinese are in my opinion ten times savvier and geo-politically competent than the current crowd occupying the White House. 

Therefore, it may be surmised along with the consideration of the overarching influences of Saturn and Neptune that there is something deeper, and more crafty going on.  It may indeed point to possible WWIII scenarios with the old Cold War getting hot again. 

I actually have been very busy lately and have not had the time or opportunity to keep up with these situations on the website as I would like to.  I have been making a few business direction changes lately, but hopefully I will be able to devote more time to writing again soon. 

I am trying to comment on these things only generally here and I know that I might change some of my thoughts here in the near future.  All I can say is that if you read Astro-Success on a regular basis, you’ll get an understanding of the real forces at work at any given time in our world.  The stars, as I am wont to say, do not lie in their messages; especially so as one allows himself to be a clear vessel for the stars to speak their message through.  The stars of course are the cosmic messengers of the Higher Power. 

In other words…. keep it tuned to SWN. 


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