Astrology for the Week of November 16, 2009: the Nodes Move into Sidereal Gemini/Sagittarius

The astrological news this week is the shift of the nodal axis from sidereal Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius, and it should be welcome news indeed.  This new sign activation should have a distinctly benefic emphasis.  Click on the chart at left to enlarge.

nodes2009Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive and optimistic Jupiter and Gemini by articulate and efficient Mercury; these planets are mainly beneficial (benefic) influences.  The Nodes move backwards through the zodiac at the rate of approximately one sign every 18 months.  The last 18 months were marked by the transit of the Nodes through Cancer/Capricorn.

With Capricorn ruled by the malefic Saturn we can see that the last year and half has been notable for the full conscious realization that there is a global economic depression with all of it’s ramifications upon our worlds.

So I am fairly confident to say that there will be new optimism-instilling influences in our current affairs during this period.  This is not to say though, that everything else will be equally as cheery in the stars; and I have gone to great lengths to explain it in my ebook Mounting Challenges 2009-11, but I think that this configuration will serve to bring some lightness to an otherwise challenging period.

Sorry adherents of the “doom and gloom” genre, but some of your cherished apocalyptic scenarios may go unfulfilled.  Rather than run to the hills we may just have to keep together and make it all work.  Gemini/Sagittarius is a truth-seeking polarity, everybody might be getting closer to the actual “big picture”; and as the Bible says: the truth will set you free.  Gemini/Sagittarius is decidedly happier than Cancer/Capricorn as well.

This also has a direct influence on everybody personally because a new house axis of your chart will be activated for the next year and half.  Those with Gemini/Sagittarius rising signs (natally in their sidereal chart) probably will have significant relationship developments; while those with Virgo/Pisces rising may have changes coming in their professional and domestic lives.   Other sidereal rising signs will have different effects from this shift.

The exact date of this shift is debatable because there a differing opinions on the actual sign boundaries (differing ayanamsas), and there are two ways to calculate the Nodes (mean and true); but the true calculation of the Nodes has seemed to me to be more reliable and that occurs on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

The Nodes moving into this sign axis will be either helped or hurt by the condition of Jupiter (ruling one of the signs the Nodes are moving through), so as Jupiter is currently debilitated in sidereal Capricorn it may have the effect of inhibiting or blocking any of the heretofore positive predictions I am making of it here.  But as it moves into sidereal Pisces in mid 2010 it will have the effect of supporting the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius and underscoring all the positive things I am saying here.

Again, I brought out these points in greater detail in Mounting Challenges, but I see it as clearly hopeful sign.  However this configuration does not cancel out completely the other configurations indicating planetary challenges in the not too distant future.  I should say that I see Jupiter influence in 2010 (and as it interacts with the other planets in this time frames) as an important spiritual, transformative, and positive component to what is coming up and as an assist for us all to make the right choices during this time.

Day by Day:

Mon, Nov 16
There may be harsh or strongly critical influence in the air today; there could be moments of alarm or hysteria.  However in some instances a calm state of mind may prevail, enabling order in an otherwise chaotic situation.  (Mercury tridecile Mars, Mercury sextile Saturn)

Tues Nov 17
You may feel a shift in the air today as the Nodes move into a new sign polarity, in your own life as well as for the planet.  (Nodes enter Gemini/Sagittarius)

Wed, Nov 18
No peaking influences

Thurs Nov 19
Heat and friction in life may be activated, with people becoming either agitated or excited in the process.  (Venus square Mars)

Fri, Nov 20
Unusual, sudden, and/or short-lived relationships may spring up.  People, situations, and events may seem more exciting than they really are; but the ability to persuade, sell, or present will be enhanced.  Creativity and intuition should be strong.  (Juno conjunct Uranus, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Sat, Nov 21
Inhibitions and negative outlooks may get in the way of harmony between individuals; relationships may go through challenges, hopefully coming out stronger in the end.  Obsessions could still drive the desire to reach out to others, but may not exactly go well.  (Venus semisquare Saturn, sextile Pluto)

Sun, Nov 22
No peaking influences

Mon, Nov 23
This may be a day of seeming good luck and creatively making connections, however in the end the logic employed may be seen to be faulty or of a sloppy manner.  The temptation to extravagantly deploy valuable resources may be strong, but with little or nothing gained in the investment.  (Mercury quintile Neptune, Venus square Jupiter)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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