Negativity and Insufficiency of Human Action

by | Aug 17, 2009 | Predictions

Mercury conjunct Saturn, Sun opposite Neptune; Monday, August 17, 2009

Issues today that could arise are illusions and delusions about who and what you are, vulnerability to deception, and then pathological negativity of mind.  Vital energy may be insufficient both because of strong negative mental outlooks and then physical sensitivities will be accentuated; chronic conditions may flare as well as the tendency to act deceitfully.

For those who do not give up however, great concentration and practicality of thinking may come about enabling progress on important matters; there may be a strong serious tone to the day.  Spiritual and creative issues also will be highlighted, discovering through the juxtaposition of people and circumstances how the will can act at times counter to the more sensitive indications to the soul and spirit; how indeed action can be far too motivated by a sense of insufficiency or powerlessness.

This week I’ve decided to be more blog-like in the daily astrology meanings, I’ve been contemplating some major changes to how information is presented on SWN.  More information on that laer…..


Mercury, God of Thieves

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