Natal Reports

Major Life Themes

This is a very popular report, many times with purchasers excitedly telling me that it describes them to a “T.”  It uses an advanced mathematical and geometrical interpretation of your chart positions, focusing on the tightest and most closely aligned planets.  It makes a wonderful gift and perfect for those people who wonder “who and what am I?”

Click here for a sample of this report  Bill Clinton Major Life Themes Sample Report


Midpoints Report

This report makes a perfect complement to the Major Life Themes report above.  Midpoints are very powerful and highly illustrative points in your individual birth chart.  They are not well known in by astrologers, but they should be.

Click here for a sample of this report  Bill Clinton Midpoints Natal Report


Natal Character Report

This report is the traditional western style astrological interpretation using planets, signs, houses and aspects.  Everything is described without technical jargon or phrases, so anyone can understand it.  The text was written by an astrologer with two decades plus in consulting experience, very clear and insightful reading of a person’s unique astrological birth chart.

Click here for a sample of this report  Bill Clinton Cosmo Natal Report Sample



Receive All Three reports for only $8.97

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